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Turn a Git repo into a collection of interactive notebooks. This is Binder's user documentation repository.


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  user documentation

Documentation Status Join the chat at

This repository contains the documentation and usage instructions for the service.

Related Repositories

For BinderHub, the open-source technology that runs, please visit jupyterhub/binderhub

For repo2docker, the open-source technology to turn Git repositories into Jupyter enabled Docker Images, please visit jupyter/repo2docker

For deployment of the website, please visit

BinderHub uses Helm to configure and manage deployment of the Binder service. For details about this deployment, please visit helm-chart.


Binder is maintained by the Binder team. Administration is managed at team compass.

The JupyterHub team also maintains analysis of binder data including billing data and activity data.

Build the documentation

This documentation is built with the Sphinx Documentation engine. The easiest way to build the documentation is with the tool nox. nox is kind-of like a Makefile, it is a way to automatically install environments and run commands locally. To build this documentation with nox, run:

pip install nox
nox -s docs

or to launch a live server that re-builds and re-loads pages as you save files:

nox -s docs -- live

Alternatively, you may build the documentation directly with Sphinx:

pip install -r doc/doc-requirements.txt
sphinx-build -b html doc doc/_build