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Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes

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This is under active development and subject to change.

This repo contains resources, such as Helm charts and the Zero to JupyterHub Guide, which help you to deploy JupyterHub on Kubernetes.

Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes Guide

The Zero to JupyterHub Guide gives user-friendly steps to create a new JupyterHub deployment using Kubernetes.

For additional information about JupyterHub, such as a technical overview, configuration reference, and API reference, please consult the JupyterHub project documentation which contains information that applies to Kubernetes as well as other deployment methods. The JupyterHub project documentation provides detailed information about authenticators, spawners, and services.

We hope these two documents help you get up and running with your own JupyterHub deployment.

Helm charts

The JupyterHub Helm charts allow a user to create reproducible and maintainable deployments of JupyterHub with Kubernetes.

History and inspiration

Much of the initial groundwork for this documentation is information learned from the successful use of JupyterHub and Kubernetes at UC Berkeley in their Data 8 program.


Thank you to the following contributors:

  • Aaron Culich
  • Carol Willing
  • Chris Holdgraf
  • Erik Sundell
  • Ryan Lovett
  • Yuvi Panda

Future contributors are encouraged to add themselves to this README file too.


This repository is dual licensed under the Apache2 (to match the upstream kubernetes charts repository) and 3-clause BSD (to match the rest of Project Jupyter repositories) licenses. See the LICENSE file for more information!