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vjtm commented Oct 30, 2019

What would you like to be added:
Support for deploying vSphere storage Container Storage Interface (CSI).
It' GA already.

It requires vSphere 6.7u3+

Why is this needed:

  • The in-tree cloud provider for vSphere is deprecated.
  • The CSI is the standard way to implement the Storage
omerlh commented Jan 6, 2020

Before creating a feature request, please search existing feature requests to see if you find a similar one. If there is a similar feature request please up-vote it and/or add your comments to it instead

Why do you want this feature?
When draining nodes on a production cluster, it might be safer to use a health check between node/nodegroup draining loops - to ensure that until now things

Online resources that will help you prepare for taking the CNCF CKA 2020 "Kubernetes Certified Administrator" Certification exam. with time, This is not likely the comprehensive up to date list - please make a pull request if there something that should be added here.

  • Updated Oct 20, 2020
fntlnz commented Feb 17, 2019

We use kind for integration tests against a kubernetes cluster. We now have a dirty hack to load the built images into the kind docker daemon since when we started using it kind was at a very early stage and didn't have the load command. Now the load command is available so we can just replace the hack with it!

Docs here


🚀 Geodesic is a cloud automation shell. It's the fastest way to get up and running with a rock solid, production grade cloud platform built on top of strictly Open Source tools. ★ this repo!

  • Updated Oct 20, 2020
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