📱 An iOS client for http://bbs.uestc.edu.cn/ written in react-native, redux and redux-observable.
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An iOS client for http://bbs.uestc.edu.cn/ written in react-native, redux and redux-observable, which has been recommended officially as one of the best 3rd party iOS clients.

APIs are provided by appbyme/mobcent-discuz and partly documented by UESTC-BBS/API-Docs.

Status (v1.7.1)





  • Authentication
    • Sign up (WebView)
    • Sign in
    • Sign out
  • Forum
    • View forums
    • View sub forums
    • View topics in each forum
  • Topic
    • View latest topics
    • View hot topics
    • View topic detail and comments
    • View specific comments (only from author, descending order, etc)
    • Publish topic
    • Edit published topic (WebView)
    • Reply topic
    • Reply comment
    • Favor topic
    • Upload images
    • Emoji
    • Show friend list to mention (@)
    • Report objectionable content
  • Vote
    • Create vote
    • Join in vote
    • View vote results
  • Search
  • Notifications
    • View list mentioned (@) me
    • View list replied me
    • View private messages
    • View system notifications
    • Notification alert
  • Individual
    • View my recent topics
    • View my favorite topics
    • Upload avatar
    • Update password

Try it out

Run in simulator

git clone git@github.com:just4fun/stuhome.git
cd stuhome

Then use Xcode to open this project and simply click Run.

Run on your iOS device


Todo list

Known issues

  • User avatar is not displayed sometimes: RN/#5616 (Fixed by RN/#7262, and the patch is released in 0.26.0)
  • Switching between pages is not very smooth sometimes (Fixed by #19)
  • Image could not be inserted to TextInput: RN/#17468, RN/#18566
  • Unit tests are not working due to deprecated property in react-native-mock. react-native-mock/#158, #40




The MIT License