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  • \b(?i:B.*ber)\b — Filter all references to the word Bieber. (@justin)



  • ^(@\w *)+$ — Tweets consisting solely of @usernames (@jordanekay)


  • #[A-Za-z]{15,} — #sentencesashashtags (@jordanekay)

  • \b#[A-Za-z0-9]+chat\b— hashtag-based chatroom crap. (@inkedmn)

  • (#[A-Za-z0-9]+[ ]*){3,} — tweets with three or more hashtags in a row (@inkedmn)

  • #(.+)# - Two or more hashtags in a tweet, anywhere (@apike)

  • ^((#|@)\S+\s*)+$ - Tweets consisting solely of @usernames and #hashtags, separated by whitespace, with no substantive content. Inspired by the tweets of @caseyliss. (@JFlavin)

  • (@\w+,? ){4,} — Tweets with four or more @usernames in a row (you have friends, we get it) (@jordanekay)

  • \b\w+\*+\w\b — Tweets censored for no f**king reason (@jordanekay)

  • (?i)checked.*in - I checked in at... (@jonohunt)

  • \n{3,} — Tweets with 3 or more line breaks. (@justin)

  • ^\.\s?@ — Out of context public replies. (@grahamwetzler / @ashfurrow)

  • is my new jam – No one cares what your new jam is PLEASE SHUT UP GOSH (@MikeBeas)

  • is my insanely catch song of the day (@MikeBeas)

  • ^(\d+)/ - "1/ I really hate it when" "2/ People use Twitter for" "3/ Tweetstorms" (@RodBegbie)

  • (?i)please.*(\bwatch\b|\bfollow\b)|(\bwatch\b|\bfollow\b).*(me|please|back) - Follow me, watch me, follow back, watch me please, follow me please etc... (@jonohunt)

  • ^[A-Z\s\p{P}]*$ - TWEETS IN ALL CAPS (@ashur)

  • top stories today via - spam 'news stories', usually getting attention by mentioning @you. (@danielpunkass)


Duplicate mentions

Mute your own @name (as a keyword, NOT a muted person), including the @ sign. This will remove all of your mentions from your main timeline, confining them to the mentions tab so you don't have to see them twice (or see only half of a conversation with someone you don't follow in your main timeline) (@MikeBeas)


  • (?ism)^(?=.*?\bSXSW\b)(?=.*?\bpanel\b).*$ — Tweets containing 'SXSW' and 'panel' (case insensitive)


  • (?i)(timezone|time.*zone).*(retweet|rt) - Timezone RT (@jonohunt)

  • (?i)(in.*case|if).*you.*missed.*it - In case you missed it… (@jonohunt)

  • ICYMI - Shorthand for 'in case you missed it' (@MikeBeas)


  • ^@ - mute tweets that begin with @, "replies" (@khaled)

  • ^(?i)(@name) - mute replies to a specific person (@khaled)

Ego Stroking

  • (?i)dribbble.*(last.*night|earlier)|(last.*night|earlier).*dribbble - I @dribbbled earlier/last night (@jonohunt)

  • (?i)popular.*page - Popular page ("I made the Popular Page on @dribbble" ) (@jonohunt)

  • (?i)followers.*on.*(dribbble|twitter) - "I've got xxx followers on @dribbble/Twitter" (@jonohunt)

  • (?is)\bmy\b.*((@\w+)|(\b\w+\b)).*(\bstats\b|\brank\b) - My current XYZ stats/rank (@widerwille)


  • (?i)ipad.*mini.*|.*mini.*ipad - iPad mini (@jonohunt)

  • (?i)dock.*connect(o|e)r - Dock connector (iPhone 5) (@jonohunt)

  • (?i)app.*net - App.Net (@jonohunt)

  • (?i)twitter.*(api|1.1)|api.*(twitter|1.1)|1.1.*(twitter|api) - Twitter's new 1.1 API (@jonohunt)


  • #[\S]*[ضصثقفغعهخحجشسيبلاتنمكةءظطذدزروىأإآئؤ][\S]* - mute Arabic tags (@khaled) -
  • [ضصثقفغعهخحجشسيبلاتنمكةءظطذدزروىأإآئؤ] - Mute Arabic tweets (@khaled)

Stating the obvious

  • (?i)((new|change).*avatar)|(avatar.*(new|change)) - "Look, I changed my avatar" (@jonohunt)