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Here are all of the changes put into individual commits. The issue with the protected method in execution_engine.rb was an unfortunate side effect of me learning git. I thought I had removed that change.

The ibr instruction's optional parameter isn't arbitrary (at least here it isn't): the value is the same default value as found in the C++ API. I've subclassed Instruction and provided a method (and alias) for calling LLVMAddDestination.

chriswailes added some commits Jun 3, 2011
@chriswailes chriswailes Moved existing bindings to the bindings.rb file. Changed lib/llvm.rb …
…and lib/llvm/core.rb to reflect this change, and removed references to lib/llvm/target.rb, as it was no longer needed.
@chriswailes chriswailes Changed the Rakefile to use the rubygems/package_task instead of rake…

Added the check_bindings target, which will use objdump to collect symbols from libLLVM and compare them to the symbols defined in the bindings module.
@chriswailes chriswailes Added missing scalar and ipo transformation passes. 253e11f
@chriswailes chriswailes Added bindings and methods for all supported LLVM targets. b559397
@chriswailes chriswailes Added missing instructions to the builder. 684ba49
@chriswailes chriswailes Added the LLVMAddDestination binding and then created an subclass of …
…Instruction (IndirectBr) to use it.
@chriswailes chriswailes Laying the groundwork for adding custom C bindings for LLVM that can …
…be bound to Ruby code using FFI.
@chriswailes chriswailes Moved the extended bindings code into the ext/LLVM-EB directory.
Removed the Makefile and replaced it with one generated by the new extconf.rb file.

Added the new extconf.rb file to the gem specification.

Corrected a typo in the build.rb file.

Is there any further work that needs to be done before you can pull this?

@jvoorhis jvoorhis referenced this pull request in ruby-llvm/ruby-llvm Jan 15, 2013

Port chriswailes changes from jvoorhis/ruby-llvm#5 #10


@chriswailes I believe I've ported all your changes: ruby-llvm/ruby-llvm#16

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