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A badge generator for count visitor of your README
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A badge generator for count visitor of your README, it support 2 endpoints now:

  1. total.svg

count total visitors to your README or Issue

  1. today.svg

count visitors only in current day(server timezone), and be noted: this will NOT increase the total count


See below badge, try to refresh current page then see again 🎉

Install dependencies

  1. pip install -r requirements.txt

IDE run flask run

How to use

Add a image to your README file:

![Total visitor](
![Visitors in today](

in which:


An unique string represent your current README, recommend as following pattern

  • For README:

{your.github.login}.{}, for example: repo_id=jwenjian.ghiblog

  • For Issue:

{repo.owner.login}.{}.issue.{}, for example, repo_id=jwenjian.ghiblog.issue.1

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