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@jzaefferer jzaefferer released this · 9 commits to master since this release


  • Remove unused removeAttrs method
  • Replace regex for url method
  • Remove bad url param in $.ajax, overwritten by $.extend
  • Properly handle nested cancel submit button
  • Refactor attributeRules and dataRules to share noramlizer
  • dataRules method to convert value to number for number inputs
  • Update url method to allow for protocol-relative URLs
  • Remove deprecated $.format placeholder
  • Use jQuery 1.7+ on/off, add destroy method
  • IE8 compatibility changed .indexOf to $.inArray
  • Cast NaN value attributes to undefined for Opera Mini
  • Stop trimming value inside required method
  • Use :disabled selector to match disabled elements
  • Exclude some keyboard keys to prevent revalidating the field
  • Do not search the whole DOM for radio/checkbox elements
  • Throw better errors for bad rule methods
  • Fixed number validation error
  • Fix reference to whatwg spec
  • Focus invalid element when validating a custom set of inputs
  • Reset element styles when using custom highlight methods
  • Escape dollar sign in error id
  • Revert "Ignore readonly as well as disabled fields."
  • Update link in comment for Luhn algorithm


  • Update dateITA to address timezone issue
  • Fix extension method to only method period
  • Fix accept method to match period only
  • Update time method to allow single digit hour
  • Drop bad test for notEqualTo method
  • Add notEqualTo method
  • Use correct jQuery reference via $
  • Remove useless regex check in iban method
  • Brazilian CPF number


  • Update messages_tr.js
  • Update messages_sr_lat.js
  • Adding Perú Spanish (ES PE)
  • Adding Georgian (ქართული, ge)
  • Fixed typo in catalan translation
  • Improve Finnish (fi) translation
  • Add armenian (hy_AM) locale
  • Extend italian (it) translation with currency method
  • Add bn_BD locale
  • Update zh locale
  • Remove full stop at the end of italian messages



@jzaefferer jzaefferer released this · 80 commits to master since this release


  • Add postalcodeBR method (cc6c4a4)
  • Fix pattern method when parameter is a string (4cecd73)


  • Ignore readonly as well as disabled fields. (9f4ba10)
  • Improve id escaping, store escaped id in describedby (#1269, d36d1bc)
  • Escape id/name before using it as a selector in errorsFor (#1275, 20f3e9f)
  • Allow 0 as value for autoCreateRanges (fe14d00)
  • Apply ignore setting to all validationTargetFor elements (f1c611e)
  • Use return value of submitHandler to allow or prevent form submit (#650, 8b2f1e0)
  • Explicit default for focusCleanup option (#676, 0cb3c95)
  • Fix incorrect regexp (#1200, c054707)
  • Don't trim value in min/max/rangelength methods (#1274, 452b823)



@jzaefferer jzaefferer released this · 95 commits to master since this release


  • Add plugin UMD wrapper


  • Respect non-error aria-describedby and empty hidden errors
  • Improve dateISO RegExp
  • Added radio/checkbox to delegate click-event
  • Use aria-describedby for non-label elements
  • Register focusin, focusout and keyup also on radio/checkbox
  • Fix normalization for rangelength attribute value
  • Update elementValue method to deal with type="number" fields
  • Use charAt instead of array notation on strings, to support IE8(?)


  • Fix sk translation of rangelength method
  • Add Finnish methods
  • Fixed GL number validation message
  • Fixed ES number method validation message
  • Added galician (GL)
  • Fixed French messages for min and max methods


  • Add statesUS method
  • Fix dateITA method to deal with DST bug
  • Add persian date method
  • Add postalCodeCA method
  • Add postalcodeIT method



@jzaefferer jzaefferer released this · 144 commits to master since this release

  • Add ARIA testing (3d5658e)
  • Add es-AR localization messages. (7b30beb)
  • Add missing dots to 'es' and 'es_AR' messages. (a2a653c)
  • Added Indonesian (ID) localization (1d348bd)
  • Added NIF, NIE and CIF Spanish documents numbers validation (#830, 317c20f)
  • Added the current form to the context of the remote ajax request (0a18ae6)
  • Additionals: Update IBAN method, trim trailing whitespaces (#970, 347b04a)
  • BIC method: Improve RegEx, {1} is always redundant. Closes gh-744 (5cad6b4)
  • Bower: Add Bower.json for package registration (e86ccb0)
  • Changes references from '$' to 'jQuery', for compability with jQuery.noConflict. Closes gh-754 (2049afe)
  • Core: Add "method" field to error list entry (89a15c7)
  • Core: Added support for generic messages via data-msg attribute (5bebaa5)
  • Core: Allow attributes to have a value of zero (eg min='0') (#854, 9dc0d1d)
  • Core: Disable deprecated $.format (#755, bf3b350)
  • Core: Fix support for multiple error classes (c1f0baf)
  • Core: Ignore events on ignored elements (#700, a864211)
  • Core: Improve elementValue method (6c041ed)
  • Core: Make element() handle ignored elements properly. (3f464a8)
  • Core: Switch dataRules parsing to W3C HTML5 spec style (460fd22)
  • Core: Trigger success on optional but have other successful validators (#851, f93e1de)
  • Core: Use plain element instead of un-wrapping the element again (03cd4c9)
  • Core: make sure remote is executed last (#711, ad91b6f)
  • Demo: Use correct option in multipart demo. (#1025, 070edc7)
  • Fix $/jQuery usage in additional methods. Fixes #839 (#839, 59bc899)
  • Improve Chinese translations (1a0bfe3)
  • Initial ARIA-Required implementation (bf3cfb2)
  • Localization: change accept values to extension. Fixes #771, closes gh-793. (#771, 12edec6)
  • Messages: Add icelandic localization (dc88575)
  • Messages: Add missing dots to 'bg', 'fr' and 'sr' messages. (adbc636)
  • Messages: Create messages_sr_lat.js (f2f9007)
  • Messages: Create messages_tj.js (de830b3)
  • Messages: Fix sr_lat translation, add missing space (880ba1c)
  • Messages: Update messages_sr.js, fix missing space (10313f4)
  • Methods: Add additional method for currency (1a981b4)
  • Methods: Adding Smart Quotes to stripHTML's punctuation removal (aa0d624)
  • Methods: Fix dateITA method, avoiding summertime errors (279b932)
  • Methods: Localized methods for chilean culture (es-CL) (cf36b93)
  • Methods: Update email to use HTML5 regex, remove email2 method (#828, dd162ae)
  • Pattern method: Remove delimiters, since HTML5 implementations don't include those either. (37992c1)
  • Restricting credit card validator to include length check. Closes gh-772 (f5f47c5)
  • Update messages_ko.js - closes gh-715 (5da3085)
  • Update messages_pt_BR.js. Closes gh-782 (4bf813b)
  • Update phonesUK and mobileUK to accept new prefixes. Closes gh-750 (d447b41)
  • Verify nine-digit zip codes. Closes gh-726 (165005d)
  • phoneUS: Add N11 exclusions. Closes gh-861 (519bbc6)
  • resetForm should clear any aria-invalid values (4f8a631)
  • valid(): Check all elements. Fixes #791 - valid() validates only the first (invalid) element (#791, 6f26803)



@nschonni nschonni released this · 310 commits to master since this release

  • Revert to also converting parameters of range method to numbers. Closes gh-702
  • Replace most usage of PHP with mockjax handlers. Do some demo cleanup as well, update to newer masked-input plugin. Keep captcha demo in PHP. Fixes #662
  • Remove inline code highlighting from milk demo. View source works fine.
  • Fix dynamic-totals demo by trimming whitespace from template content before passing to jQuery constructor
  • Fix min/max validation. Closes gh-666. Fixes #648
  • Fixed 'messages' coming up as a rule and causing an exception after being updated through rules("add"). Closes gh-670, fixes #624
  • Add Korean (ko) localization. Closes gh-671
  • Improved the UK postcode method to filter out more invalid postcodes. Closes #682
  • Update messages_sv.js. Closes #683
  • Change grunt link to the project website. Closes #684
  • Move remote method down the list to run last, after all other methods applied to a field. Fixes #679
  • Update plugin.json description, should include the word 'validate'
  • Fix typos
  • Fix jQuery loader to use path of itself. Fixes nested demos.
  • Update grunt-contrib-qunit to make use of PhantomJS 1.8, when installed through node module 'phantomjs'
  • Make valid() return a boolean instead of 0 or 1. Fixes #109 - valid() does not return boolean value



@nschonni nschonni released this · 343 commits to master since this release

  • Remove clearing as numbers of min, max and range rules. Fixes #455. Closes gh-528.
  • Update pre-existing labels - fixes #430 closes gh-436
  • Fix $.validator.format to avoid group interpolation, where at least IE8/9 replaces -bash with the match. Fixes #614
  • Fix mimetype regex
  • Add plugin manifest and update headers to just MIT license, drop unnecessary dual-licensing (like jQuery).
  • Hebrew messages: Removed dots at end of sentences - Fixes gh-568
  • French translation for require_from_group validation. Fixes gh-573.
  • Allow groups to be an array or a string - Fixes #479
  • Removed spaces with multiple MIME types
  • Fix some date validations, JS syntax errors.
  • Remove support for metadata plugin, replace with data-rule- and data-msg- (added in 907467e) properties.
  • Added sftp as a valid url-pattern
  • Add Malay (my) localization
  • Update localization/messages_hu.js
  • Remove focusin/focusout polyfill. Fixes #542 - Inclusion of jquery.validate interfers with focusin and focusout events in IE9
  • Localization: Fixed typo in finnish translation
  • Fix RTM demo to show invalid icon when going from valid back to invalid
  • Fixed premature return in remote function which prevented ajax call from being made in case an input was entered too quickly. Ensures remote validation always validates the newest value.
  • Undo fix for #244. Fixes #521 - E-mail validation fires immediately when text is in the field.



@nschonni nschonni released this · 386 commits to master since this release

  • Corrected French strings for nowhitespace, phoneUS, phoneUK and mobileUK based upon community feedback.
  • rename files for language_REGION according to the standard ISO_3166-1 (, for Taiwan tha language is Chinese (zh) and the region is Taiwan (TW)
  • Optimise RegEx patterns, especially for UK phone numbers.
  • Add Language Name for each file, rename the language code according to the standard ISO 639 for Estonian, Georgian, Ukrainian and Chinese (
  • Added croatian (HR) localization
  • Existing French translations were edited and French translations for the additional methods were added.
  • Merged in changes for specifying custom error messages in data attributes
  • Updated UK Mobile phone number regex for new numbers. Fixes #154
  • Add element to success call with test. Fixes #60
  • Fixed regex for time additional method. Fixes #131
  • resetForm now clears old previousValue on form elements. Fixes #312
  • Added checkbox test to require_from_group and changed require_from_group to use elementValue. Fixes #359
  • Fixed dataFilter response issues in jQuery 1.5.2+. Fixes #405
  • Added jQuery Mobile demo. Fixes #249
  • Deoptimize findByName for correctness. Fixes #82 - $.validator.prototype.findByName breaks in IE7
  • Added US zip code support and test. Fixes #90
  • Changed lastElement to lastActive in keyup, skip validation on tab or empty element. Fixes #244
  • Removed number stripping from stripHtml. Fixes #2
  • Fixed invalid count on invalid to valid remote validation. Fixes #286
  • Add link to file_input to demo index
  • Moved old accept method to extension additional-method, added new accept method to handle standard browser mimetype filtering. Fixes #287 and supersedes #369
  • Disables blur event when onfocusout is set to false. Test added.
  • Fixed value issue for radio buttons and checkboxes. Fixes #363
  • Added test for rangeWords and fixed regex and bounds in method. Fixes #308
  • Fixed TinyMCE Demo and added link on demo page. Fixes #382
  • Changed localization message for min/max. Fixes #273
  • Added pseudo selector for text input types to fix issue with default empty type attribute. Added tests and some test markup. Fixes #217
  • Fixed delegate bug for dynamic-totals demo. Fixes #51
  • Fix incorrect message for alphanumeric validator
  • Removed incorrect false check on required attribute
  • required attribute fix for non-html5 browsers. Fixes #301
  • Added methods "require_from_group" and "skip_or_fill_minimum"
  • Use correct iso code for swedish
  • Updated demo HTML files to use HTML5 doctype
  • Fixed regex issue for decimals without leading zeroes. Added new methods test. Fixes #41
  • Introduce a elementValue method that normalizes only string values (don't touch array value of multi-select). Fixes #116
  • Support for dynamically added submit buttons, and updated test case. Uses validateDelegate. Code from PR #9
  • Fix bad double quote in test fixtures
  • Fix maxWords method to include the upper bound, not exclude it. Fixes #284
  • Fixed grammar error in german range validator message. Fixes #315
  • Fixed handling of multiple class names for errorClass option. Test by Max Lynch. Fixes #280
  • Fix jQuery.format usage, should be $.validator.format. Fixes #329
  • Methods for 'all' UK phone numbers + UK postcodes
  • Pattern method: Convert string param to RegExp. Fixes issue #223
  • grammar error in german localization file
  • Added Estonian localization for messages
  • Improve tooltip handling on themerollered demo
  • Add type="text" to input fields without type attribute to please qSA
  • Update themerollered demo to use tooltip to show errors as overlay.
  • Update themerollered demo to use latest jQuery UI (along with newer jQuery version). Move code around to speed up page load.
  • Fixed min error message broken in Japanese.
  • Update form plugin to latest version. Enhance the ajaxSubmit demo.
  • Drop dateDE and numberDE methods from classRuleSettings, leftover from moving those to localized methods
  • Passing submit event to submitHandler callback
  • Fixed #219 - Fix valid() on elements with dependency-callback or dependency-expression.
  • Improve build to remove dist dir to ensure only the current release gets zipped up



@nschonni nschonni released this · 465 commits to master since this release

  • Added Basque (EU) localization
  • Added Slovenian (SL) localization
  • Fixed issue #127 - Finnish translations has one : instead of ;
  • Fixed Russian localization, minor syntax issue
  • Added in support for HTML5 input types, fixes #97
  • Improved HTML5 support by setting novalidate attribute on the form, and reading the type attribute.
  • Fixed showLabel() removing all classes from error element. Remove only settings.validClass. Fixes #151.
  • Added 'pattern' to additional-methods to validate against arbitrary regular expressions.
  • Improved email method to not allow the dot at the end (valid by RFC, but unwanted here). Fixes #143
  • Fixed swedish and norwegian translations, min/max messages got switched. Fixes #181
  • Fixed #184 - resetForm: should unset lastElement
  • Fixed #71 - improve existing time method and add time12h method for 12h am/pm time format
  • Fixed #177 - Fix validation of a single radio or checkbox input
  • Fixed #189 - :hidden elements are now ignored by default
  • Fixed #194 - Required as attribute fails if jQuery>=1.6 - Use .prop instead of .attr
  • Fixed #47, #39, #32 - Allowed credit card numbers to contain spaces as well as dashes (spaces are commonly input by users).



@nschonni nschonni released this · 495 commits to master since this release

  • Added Thai (TH) localization, fixes #85
  • Added Vietnamese (VI) localization, thanks Ngoc
  • Fixed issue #78. Error/Valid styling applies to all radio buttons of same group for required validation.
  • Don't use form.elements as that isn't supported in jQuery 1.6 anymore. Its buggy as hell anyway (IE6-8: form.elements === form).



@nschonni nschonni released this · 508 commits to master since this release

  • Improved NL localization (
  • Added Georgian (GE) localization, thanks Avtandil Kikabidze
  • Added Serbian (SR) localization, thanks Aleksandar Milovac
  • Added ipv4 and ipv6 to additional methods, thanks Natal Ngétal
  • Added Japanese (JA) localization, thanks Bryan Meyerovich
  • Added Catalan (CA) localization, thanks Xavier de Pedro
  • Fixed missing var statements within for-in loops
  • Fix for remote validation, where a formatted message got messed up (#11)
  • Bugfixes for compatibility with jQuery 1.5.1, while maintaining backwards-compatibility


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