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  1. k8spin-operator k8spin-operator Public

    K8Spin multi-tenant operator - OSS

    Python 219 18

  2. loki-multi-tenant-proxy loki-multi-tenant-proxy Public

    Grafana Loki multi-tenant Proxy. Needed to deploy Grafana Loki in a multi-tenant way

    Go 64 18

  3. prometheus-multi-tenant-proxy prometheus-multi-tenant-proxy Public

    Prometheus multi-tenant Proxy. Needed to deploy Prometheus in a multi-tenant way

    Go 59 10

  4. grafana-multi-tenant-operator grafana-multi-tenant-operator Public

    Grafana multi tenant operator

    Python 27 12

  5. opa-k8s-development opa-k8s-development Public

    Contains a valid OPA unit testing environment

    14 3

  6. k8spin_cli k8spin_cli Public archive

    K8Spin CLI

    Shell 8


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