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Kaa is a highly flexible and scalable IoT platform for building IoT solutions and managing connected devices.

Kaa advantages

Kaa advantages:

  • Kaa offers a broad array of IoT features: device management, data collection, data processing and analytics, alerts, data visualization, configuration management, command execution, over the air updates and more.
  • Kaa supports popular open IoT protocols: MQTT, MQTT / TLS, MQTT / WebSocket, MQTT / WebSocket / TLS, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Kaa provides comprehensive multi-tenancy with full isolation of each tenant's data, users, permissions, dashboards, solutions, etc.
  • Kaa is modular by design and built upon cloud-native microservices that you can easily swap, customize, or integrate with third-party solutions
  • Kaa is fast due to the fact that most of its microservices are implemented in the Go Programming Language
  • Kaa features a modern-looking, intuitive, fully customizable web dashboard

Kaa Cloud

The Kaa Cloud is an IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that you can sign up and use for free to connect and manage your devices for as long as you want! There are also commercial plans available. You can create a free Kaa Cloud account here.

Kaa documentation

Documentation site.


Kaa is an Internet of Things platform for device management, data collection, analytics and visualization, remote control, and over-the-air updates.







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