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@kalkulusteam kalkulusteam released this Dec 7, 2018 · 22 commits to master since this release

Changelog 2.7.0:

  • Changed block rewards table and coin emission for lowering inflation
  • Fixed bug that disabled the use of the staking argument (0/1) on startup to work
  • Fixed missing network connections at first startup
  • Fixed Governance Budget rewards
  • Updated protocol version to 80012
  • Added last blockchain checkpoint as 332974 (marked in the blockchain trough op_return output 1)
  • Planned activation of Spork 8 and Spork 14 for protocol enforcement
  • Added link to The Hub in the “Masternodes” window tab.
  • Added “block height” to progress bar
  • Small typo fix in Italian localization
  • Update QT splashscreen graphics.


To speed up the process of syncing your Kalkulus wallet with the blockchain, you can use a KLKS official and updated bootstrap that contains the latest blockchain information needed to have your wallet synced and up-to-date. Simply download the file in your klks system folder and unzip the content. The file contains folders Blocks, Chainstate, and the file peers.dat, that should replace your original files and folders. Remember: Always backup your files and folders before making any deletion, overwriting or other changes.

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