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A framework for data management in Kubernetes. It allows domain experts to define application-specific data management workflows through Kubernetes API extensions. Kanister makes it easy to integrate your application's data with your storage infrastructure.


  • Tasks Execute Anywhere: Exec into running containers or spin up new ones.
  • Object Storage: Efficiently and securely transfer data between your app and Object Storage using Restic.
  • Block Storage: Backup, restore, and copy data using your storage's APIs.
  • Kubernetes Workload Integration: Easily perform common workload operations like scaling up/down, acting on all mounted PVCs and many more.
  • Application Centric: A single Blueprint handles workflows for every instance of your app.
  • Kubernetes Native APIs: APIs built using CRDs that play nicely with the Kubernetes ecosystem.
  • Secured by RBAC: Prevent unauthorized access to your workflows using RBAC.
  • Reporting: Watching, logging and eventing let you know the impact of your workflows.

Community Applications

Stable Helm charts that have been updated with Kanister support.

Kanister in action for MySQL Database



To get started or to better understand kanister, see the documentation.

For troubleshooting help, you can email the mailing list, reach out to us on Slack, or file a Github issue.



Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE.

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