A city-builder, OpenGL-backed game for Windows and Linux.
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Simple city-builder using OpenGL. For Windows and Linux. See http://konstruisto.com/ for more.


Just go with make rebuild run. To build release configuration: make rebuild run CONFIG=RELEASE. make help shows possible options. For development, also build tests (see below).


There is a script ext/setup-deps.sh which will setup glm, stb_image and Google Test for you. I will update it in the future.

Deps for Windows

  1. You will need make, clang, clang++, clang-format in PATH.
  2. Install GLEW in ext/glew-2.0.0
  3. Install GLFW in ext/glew-3.2.1
  4. Extract glm library to ext/glm
  5. Put stb_image.h to ext/stb/stb/stb_image.h
  6. Build and install nanovg (see below)
  7. You will need windres in PATH from mingw-w64

Deps for Linux

  1. Install clang-3.9 lldb-3.9. Export clang, clang++, clang-format to PATH.
  2. Install libglew-dev (2.0.0): https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glew
  3. Install libglfw3-dev (3.2.1): https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glfw3
  4. Download glm and extract to ext/glm
    wget https://github.com/g-truc/glm/releases/download/ && unzip glm- -d ext/ && rm glm-
  5. Download stb_image.h to ext/stb/stb/stb_image.h
    mkdir -p ext/stb/stb/ && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nothings/stb/master/stb_image.h -P ext/stb/stb/
  6. Build and install nanovg
    git clone git@github.com:memononen/nanovg.git ext/nanovg && (cd ext/nanovg && premake4 --cc=gcc gmake && mv build/ build-linux/ && cd build-linux/ && make config=release64 nanovg)

Building nanovg

You will need premake4 (download).

  1. Extract repo into ext/nanovg.

  2. Build x64 release:

    cd ext/nanovg
    premake --cc=gcc gmake
    mv build build-[windows|linux]
    cd build-[windows|linux]
    make config=release64 nanovg

Author and Open Source license

Copyright © 2017 Krzysztof Antoniak

Contents of this repository is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 3.0 (GPL-3.0) with additional term according to the section 7(c) of the license: should you make a derivative of this repository, please do not use the name "Konstruisto", Konstruisto logo or use similar naming for your game what could misguide users. See LICENSE.txt for details.

Used libraries

  • GLFW 3.2.1 under the zlib/libpng license
  • GLEW 2.0.0 under the Modified BSD License, the Mesa 3-D License (MIT) and the Khronos License (MIT)
  • GLM under the MIT License
  • NanoVG under the zlib/libpng license
  • stb_image, a public license image loading library