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Simple city-builder using OpenGL. For Windows and Linux. See for more.


There are two building toolchains:

  1. Linux/Windows GNU headers using Makefile and Clang
  2. Windows MSVC build using Visual Studio and Clang

Only x64 builds are supported. MSVC is preferred for Windows. Windows GNU version is no longer maintained and will be removed.

Building on Linux

  1. Set up dependencies running scripts/ from the main directory:
    git clone konstruisto &&
    cd konstruisto &&
    chmod +x ./scripts/ &&
    sudo ./scripts/ &&
    cd -
  2. Run make build run

To build release configuration use make rebuild run CONFIG=RELEASE. Command make help shows all possible options.

Building on Windows

You will need to set up cmake in PATH if it's not already there.

  1. Set up dependencies running scripts/setup-deps.ps1 in Powershell from the main directory:
    git clone konstruisto
    Set-Location konstruisto
  2. Build NanoVG release libraries:
    1. Open solution vendor\nanovg\build-msvc\nanovg.sln
    2. Build project nanovg for Release/x64.
  3. Build Assimp release libraries:
    1. Open solution vendor\assimp-5.0.0\build-msvc\Assimp.sln
    2. Build project ALL_BUILD for MinSizeRel/x64.
  4. Open Visual Studio solution and build project Konstruisto.

Please note that only x64 builds are supported.

(Deprecated) Windows build with MinGW headers

You can use scripts/setup-deps.ps1 to set up the dependencies.

  1. You will need make, clang, clang++, clang-format in PATH.
  2. You will need windres in PATH from mingw-w64
  3. Install GLFW in vendor/glew-3.3
  4. Extract glm library to vendor/glm-
  5. Extract cereal library to vendor/cereal-1.3.0
  6. Put stb_image.h to vendor/stb/stb/stb_image.h
  7. Build and install nanovg (see below)

Building nanovg

You will need premake5 (download).

  1. Extract repo into vendor/nanovg.

  2. Build x64 release:

    cd vendor/nanovg
    premake [vs2019|--cc=gcc gmake]
    mv build build-[msvc|windows|linux]
    cd build-[msvc|windows|linux]
    make config=release64 nanovg


Copyright © 2017-2019 Krzysztof Antoniak

Contents of this repository is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 3.0 (GPL-3.0) with additional term according to the section 7(c) of the license: should you make a derivative of this repository, please do not use the name "Konstruisto", Konstruisto logo or use similar naming for your game what could misguide users. See LICENSE.txt for details.

Used libraries