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Pelican theme with "just the right amount"


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Taman is a responsive theme for Pelican, it is hackish port of Jekyll's Logom theme.

The name is synonym of word Lagom in Slavic languages.


You can see the theme in action.

theme screenshot


  • responsive
  • syntax highlighting for pre blocks
  • minify css files
  • supports Google Analytics or custom analytics script
  • custom list of links
  • social links with FontAwesome4
  • a custom favicon and logo urls
  • no custom menu
  • support canonical urls


Clone the repository, edit your and modify the THEME variable to make it point to the downloaded theme location.

The theme use assets plugin to handle minification of css files from here

  • Install required package for assets plugin by pip install webassets
  • Refer this documentation to install plugin.


Supports a number of common global variables but patches are welcomed if you need better support.

  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS to use Google Analytics, set this var to your UA-XYZ code

  • CUSTOM_ANALYTICS set this to your custom js script(including script tag). This is added at the end of body.

  • TAGLINE some text rendered right below the logo

  • Use canonical_url var in article markdown file to specify original url of article.

  • To set custom logo and favicon set following in config:

    STATIC_PATHS = ['images', 'extra/favicon.png', 'extra/logo.png'] EXTRA_PATH_METADATA = { 'extra/favicon.png': {'path': 'favicon.png'}, 'extra/logo.png': {'path': 'logo.png'}, }

    USER_LOGO_URL = '/logo.png' USER_FAVICON_URL = '/favicon.png'

When developing locally, you may want to set the following variable: SITEURL = http://localhost:8000


Lagom theme is originally authored by Matt Swanson. I started with pelican-svbhack as base.


Released under MIT License, full details in LICENSE file.