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This is simple descrambler based on ARIB STD-B25 standard.

  • Input from DVB API frontend device such as /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 or any MPEG2-TS files
  • Decrypt MULTI2
  • Send MPEG2-TS to other host using UDP

How to build

$ git clone
$ cd arib_descramble
$ autoreconf -fi
$ ./configure
$ make

How to use

Please setup the devices before using this tool.

  • Tuner: Tune the DVB API frontend device using tools as you like
  • Smartcard: Insert B-CAS card to smartcard reader

Example of scenario as follows:

Tune to BS Premium

# sample_dvb_api 0 S BS 3 0x4031

Descramble it

# arib_descramble /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 hostname portname
PAT ver. 1
--PMT prg:  103(0x0067) pid:0x01f0
--PMT prg:  104(0x0068) pid:0x02f0
  PMT ver.16 prg:  103(0x0067) pid:0x01f0
  --ECM pid:0x0060
  --ES type:0x0002 pid:0x0100 ecm:0x0060
  --ES type:0x000f pid:0x0110 ecm:0x0060
  --ES type:0x0006 pid:0x0130 ecm:0x0060
  --ES type:0x0006 pid:0x0138 ecm:0x0060
  --ES type:0x000d pid:0x0140 ecm:0x0060
  --ES type:0x000d pid:0x0160 ecm:0x0060
  --ES type:0x000d pid:0x0161 ecm:0x0060
  --ES type:0x000d pid:0x0162 ecm:0x0060
  --ES type:0x000d pid:0x0170 ecm:0x0060
  --ES type:0x000d pid:0x0171 ecm:0x0060

If you want to use MPEG2-TS file, or standard input (stdin) instead of tuner device, please specify arguments as follows:

Use file

# arib_descramble /path/to/file.ts hostip hostport

Use stdin

# arib_descramble - hostip hostport

You can replay the descrambled MPEG2-TS using VLC player or other nice players.

If you use VLC, please select "Media" - "Open Network Stream" and specify "udp://@:hostport" into address box to replay the stream comes from UDP.