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Small demo app to send SMSs using the VoIP provider DiamondCard
Haskell Shell
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Welcome to Keera's DiamondCard sms sending app

This application creates a status icon in your traybar and, when you
click on it, it shows a window in which you can fill in the SMS data to
send an SMS using the DiamondCard voip provider.

Read this file and take a look at the github wiki:

*** Two VERY IMPORTANT things ***

 - There's no syntax checking, for now. What you type is what you
send. Diamondcard doesn't handle accents very well (it increases the
amount of SMSs to send by several orders of magnitude). The format for
phone numbers is: INTERNATIONAL PREFIX followed by NUMBER. For
instance, to send an SMS to UK, you'd write 447425000000 if 7425000000
is your phone number in UK. Don't write +, 00 or any other strange
prefix or it won't work.

 - You need to fill in your diamondcard data in the preferences
dialog. This will be saved, IN PLAIN TEXT, in your home directory.
Right click on the icon and select preferences. Log into your
diamondcard account on your browser if you don't know what those
are. Again, set your phone number in <INTERNATIONAL CODE><PHONE
NUMBER> format. No hypens, no plus signs, no 00 prefix.

You have been warned. Do not complain if it doesn't work as expected
or if it sets your house on fire. This is work in progress.


* gtk-helpers (
* hails-reactivevalues (
* hails-reactive-gtk (
* hails-mvc-model-protectedmodels (
* hails-mvc-view (
* hails-mvc-view-gtk (
* hails-mvc-solutions-config (
* hails-mvc-environment-gtk (
* keera-network-sms-diamondcard (

Do not despair. If you have access to a bash shell, just copy this readme file
to a temporary directory. The following code *SHOULD* install all the dependencies.

Note: use with care. If something doesn't work, please let me know so that I can fix it ASAP.

for i in $(grep -oe '[^)]\+' README); do \
  wget $i/tarball/master -O $(basename $i).tar.gz ; \
  tar -zxvpf $(basename $i).tar.gz ; \
  cd $(basename $(dirname $i))-$(basename $i)-* ; \
  cabal install ; \
  cd .. ; \

Other dependencies will be installed automatically by cabal.

To install this program, just download the code, extract,
cd into the directory where the files have been extracted
and run: cabal install

You'll have to do the same for each of the dependencies first.

Once installed the executable will be named keera-diamondcard-sms-trayicon, and
it will create config files in ~/.diamondcard-sms
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