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bash Make pi alias use bundle exec Jul 19, 2017
bin Add swift-demangle helper command Jul 19, 2017
config Add icecast config Nov 14, 2016
css @ b75523f Update CSS submodule May 9, 2017
functions Make pi alias use bundle exec Jul 19, 2017
git_template/hooks Update git ctags script to handle submodules May 9, 2016
gnupg Upgrade to gnupg 2.1 Dec 13, 2016
js Switch from c to h files Jul 11, 2017
lldbhelpers Add optional category matching Jul 12, 2017
ncmpcpp Fix ncmpcpp deprecations Feb 21, 2016
osx Disable print keyboard shortcut in Xcode Jul 28, 2017
tmux Move tmux colors to another file Aug 22, 2016
vim Add deserialized to dictionary Jul 19, 2017
weechat @ 073f7fd Bump weechat config Mar 23, 2016
zsh Fix bracketed paste with urls and whitespace Mar 5, 2017
.gitignore Move newsbeuter color config into separate files Aug 21, 2016
.gitmodules Swift from notmuch to mu for mail search Dec 27, 2015
LICENSE AppleScript vim syntax highlighting. Added MIT License Sep 17, 2012
agignore Ignore build directory Oct 12, 2015
bash_profile Source bashrc only for interactive shells Dec 23, 2015
conductor.js Hide Conductor icon Mar 11, 2017
ctags Exclude the build directory from ctags May 9, 2016
haskeline Limit haskeline history Oct 19, 2014
hgrc Add mercurial extensions Mar 2, 2014
ideavimrc ideavimrc May 24, 2014
inputrc irb can't handle vi and emacs mode at once Oct 15, 2016
lldbinit Add address for symbol helper Jul 11, 2017
mailcap mailcap html at 2k columns to not break urls Nov 21, 2016
mpdconf Add icecast mpd config Apr 5, 2016
msmtprc Move msmtprc to default location May 9, 2017
npmrc Disable npm progress Feb 4, 2016
psqlrc Expand psql setting Jul 19, 2017
tmux.conf Update tmux config for new version Apr 26, 2017
urlview Switch to my fork of urlview that uses pcre Feb 4, 2016
vimrc Vim set infercase Jun 24, 2017
xvimrc Remove xvim relative number Nov 4, 2016
zshrc Cleanup random config Nov 9, 2015


These are my dotfiles, there's a lot here. Feel free to open an issue if something needs explanation.

Automate the install by running the bash script

If you'd like to try these out, you can create all the symlinks to $HOME by running (Note this will not overwrite existing files):

./ install

You can also remove the symlinks with:

./ remove