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My vim, zsh, tmux, and OS X dotfiles
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bash Fix zsh incremental search
bin Reinstall brew formulas from head
css @ 4d113f5 Bump GitHub-Dark
functions chruby zsh completion
git_template/hooks ctags config file
js Remove harvest JS
langs chruby config
linux Updates for shellcheck
misc Gaming F19 -> escape option
mutt Add rtf mailcap entry
osx chruby is much nicer
scripts Move opp from submodule to brew
tmuxinator Service
vim Remove vim-objc
weechat @ b5ee1f9 Add weechat submodule
zsh Fix zsh incremental search
.gitignore Cleanup gitignore
.gitmodules Add weechat submodule
LICENSE AppleScript vim syntax highlighting. Added MIT License Update for removed script
agignore agignore
bashrc Update DOTFILES link
conductor.js iTerm -> Terminal
ctags Add clojure ctags from sjl/dotfiles
curlrc Add curlrc with progress bar
default-gems Switch from irb to pry
gemrc Remove gem sources
ghci Add ghci conf
gitconfig Select the first branch if there's only one from the args
gitignore Add xcuserdata to global gitignore
haskeline Limit haskeline history
hgrc Add mercurial extensions
hushlogin Because computers.
ideavimrc ideavimrc
inputrc Add C-w to inputrc
lldbinit Swift and ObjC breakpoints for lldb (for Xcode 7) Add weechat submodule
notmuch-config Setup mutt with lyft email
npmrc Add npmrc to dotfiles
nvim neovim config files
nvimrc Update neovim python commands :h nvim-intro
offlineimaprc Setup mutt with lyft email
psqlrc Add psqlrc
pylintrc Ignore PYTHON_PATH crap in vim
rspec Rspec random order
tmux.conf Remove more reattach-to-user-namespace crap
urlview Allow : in URLs
vimrc Don't clear whitespace in markdown
xvimrc Center after searches
zshrc Source all matching completions files


Automate the install by running the bash script

./ install

You can also remove the symlinks with:

./ remove


  • Bootstrap OS X by running in osx
  • Run to disable all resume features of OS X
  • Run to symlink the launchd plists
  • Run to change tons of default settings
  • Run langs/ to setup rbenv
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