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free opensource php&jquery online web developer editor :: online web ide

This project will be designed architecture for project first phase - creating projects based basic editor allowing adding plugins.

You can see first functional prototype of basic editor at

For more information see:


Copy sources into existing web-folder/webhosting with PHP 7+ (and mod_rewrite) support. No database is needed.

"working" version:

  • system settings file is: ./_app/config/Editor.php

  • paths for source code trees are located at: ./_app/config/Sources.php

  • user account + setttings pfcUserData\Config\Settings file is: ./_data/users/[logged-user-login-name]/Config/Settings.php

  • ace editor default theme file is: ./web/application/theme/[theme-name]/ace.editor.config.js

  • ace editor config file is: ./_data/users/default-user/Config/AceEditorSettings.php

  • is set to have nologin mode on, RUN ONLY FROM LOCALHOST or change system settings class const nologin = true; Use this account to login:

  • login: default-user

  • password: pfcpassword

  • pin: pfc[hours][minutes]

    -> in 12:35:22 pin will be pfc1235

    -> in 12:05:21 pin will be pfc1205

    -> in 2:05:21 pin will be pfc205

    -> in 0:05:21 pin will be pfc005

    -> in 16:55:21 pin will be pfc1655

=> server time is printed for support on login page

=> you can use http://url.address.dom/path-to-root/web/pwdgen.php to generate password and save it into /_data/users/default-user/Settings.php as const authPwd = 'generated-string';



Martin Königsmark