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…metry Groups (Algorithm) (#741)

* Put proper parenthesis for expected output.

* Add the Monomial and Polynomial Data Structure for symbolic computation.

* Add an algorithm to generate the cycle index polynomial for Symmetry Group on n symbols.

* Add multiple Unit Tests for every Polynomial and Monomial operation.

* Revert the parenthesis change because it didn't add much value.

* Fix typo that introduced a Syntax Error.

* Remove future annotations because of incompatibility of postponed evaluation of annotations in Python <= 3.6.

* Add record for Polynomial and symmetry group index. Rearrange records to be alphabetical.

Co-authored-by: aalekhpatel07 <>

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Pythonic Data Structures and Algorithms

Minimal and clean example implementations of data structures and algorithms in Python 3.


Thanks for your interest in contributing! There are many ways to contribute to this project. Get started here


Use unittest

For running all tests write down:

$ python3 -m unittest discover tests

For running some specific tests you can do this as following (Ex: sort):

$ python3 -m unittest tests.test_sort

Use pytest

For running all tests write down:

$ python3 -m pytest tests


If you want to use the API algorithms in your code, it is as simple as:

$ pip3 install algorithms

You can test by creating a python file: (Ex: use merge_sort in sort)

from algorithms.sort import merge_sort

if __name__ == "__main__":
    my_list = [1, 8, 3, 5, 6]
    my_list = merge_sort(my_list)


If you want to uninstall algorithms, it is as simple as:

$ pip3 uninstall -y algorithms

List of Implementations


Thanks to all the contributors who helped in building the repo.

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