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sheffieldnick commented Feb 14, 2019

Can this be added to the List API docs please?

You can use searchColumns in the options when you initialize the list like this:

var options = { valueNames: [ 'name', 'lastname','birthdate' ], searchColumns:[ 'name', 'lastname' ] }; var userList = new List('users', options);

In this example you would have 3 fields (name, lastname, birthdate) and the search function would use on

danielchang-Z commented Sep 30, 2018

A pleasure that LinkedHashMap has been added.

While I have a different point about the iterative sequence. The sequence should order by the key last time put in instead of the first time put in.

This situation is caused by the func named LinkedHashMap.Put:

// Put inserts key-value pair into the map.
// Key should adhere to the comparator's type assertion, otherwise method panics.
grandyang commented May 30, 2019


During the NBA playoffs, we always arrange the rather strong team to play with the rather weak team, like make the rank 1 team play with the rank nth team, which is a good strategy to make the contest more interesting. Now, you're given n teams, you need to output their final contest matches in the form of a string.

The n teams are given in the form of positive integers from 1 to n, which repr

co16353sidak commented May 8, 2019

instead of keeping one solitary readme I the root folder, it would be better to add separate README to each folder.
what this would achieve would be that for someone interested in ciphers should open the folder and find details in the README specific to ciphers only.
This seems like an easy process of splitting the README into separate duplicates and then adding them to individual folders, I wou

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