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keptn is a control-plane for continuous delivery and operations enable cloud-native applications to run autonomously
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keptn is a fabric for cloud-native lifecycle automation at enterprise scale. In its first version it provides an automated setup of the keptn core components as well as a demo application. Also included are three preconfigured use cases for the demo application: automated quality gates, runbook automation, and automated evaluation of blue/green deployments.


Here is the best way to getting started with keptn:

  • If you want to try out the latest stable release with your own services and application, please head over to the release section of keptn and follow the official documentation of keptn.
  • If you want to try out the latest version of keptn with your own services and application, please use the 0.2.x release branch and follow the documentation on the website. We recommend to work with this version.
  • If you want to work with the latest version of keptn that is currently under development, please use the master branch. (⚠️ this is the development branch, so it might not be stable all the time)
  • Please use the docs on the keptn website to get resources on how to use keptn.
  • Please use the release section to learn about our current releases, release candidates and pre-releases to get the latest version of keptn.


  • keptn/keptn. This is the main repository that you are currently looking at. It hosts keptn's core components and documents that govern the keptn open source project. It includes:
    • designDocs: We're already designing the architecture and use cases for the next releases - you can find the current design docs here. Please feel free to review and comment the designs, after all, we're encouraging all of you to collaborate on keptn.
    • install: This directory contains all artifacts that are required to install keptn. Please note that the latest docs can be found in the docs section of the keptn website.
    • releasenotes: You can find the current release notes in this directory.

Versions compatibilities

We mangage the keptn core components as well as all services (e.g. Jenkins-service, GitHub-service) in versions. The respective images in their versions are stored in DockerHub. The versions of the keptn core components and the services have to be compatible to each other. Therefore, this section shows the compatibility between these versions.

keptn in version 0.2.0 requires:

  • keptn/keptn-authenticator:0.2.0
  • keptn/keptn-control:0.2.0
  • keptn/keptn-event-broker:0.2.0
  • keptn/keptn-event-broker-ext:0.2.0
  • keptn/pitometer-service:0.1.0
  • keptn/servicenow-service:0.1.0
  • keptn/github-service:0.1.0
  • keptn/jenkins-service:0.1.0
    • keptn/jenkins:0.4.0

keptn in version 0.1.3 requires:

  • keptn/jenkins:0.2
  • dynatraceacm/ansibletower:3.3.1-1-2

Further information

  • The keptn website has the documentation of keptn and its usecases.
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