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Using Docker, rTorrent and ruTorrent to run a full-featured BitTorrent box.


  • All-in-one Docker container, build once and run everywhere.
  • Newest version of rTorrent and ruTorrent, with support of DHT and asynchronous DNS which will results in a more responsive rTorrent.
  • Enable all useful ruTorrent plugins by default.
  • Get a working BitTorrent box in less than 3 minutes, give it a quick try and tune the configs later.
  • rTorrent will automatically restarts on crash or freeze.
  • No more boring installation, also keep your OS in a clean state.

Quick Start

Clone this repository and build the image locally:

git clone
cd docktorrent
docker build -t docktorrent .

The building process may take some time. You can just pull the latest image from Docker Hub:

docker pull kfei/docktorrent

After the image is built or pulled, run the docktorrent container, for example:

docker run -it \
    -p 80:80 -p 45566:45566 -p 9527:9527/udp \
    --dns \
    -v /data-store:/rtorrent \
    -e UPLOAD_RATE=1024 \
    kfei/docktorrent    # Or just `docktorrent` for locally built image

Note that:

  • The exposed ports are required for ruTorrent web interface, rTorrent listening and the DHT protocol according to the default .rtorrent.rc.
  • The --dns argument is optional but recommended. It seems like the current version of rTorrent still has some DNS issues, using Google's DNS may help.
  • The /data-store volume is for all downloads, torrents and session data, just make sure the disk space is enough.
  • Override the upload_rate setting of rTorrent to 1024KB. Check the full list of available runtime configs.

If the container starts without errors, visit through any web browser, log in to with the default username/password: docktorrent/p@ssw0rd.

Happy seeding!

Runtime Configs

There are some environment variables can be supplied at run time:

  • LOGS_OFF: Set this to yes to turn off all logs generated by rTorrent and other services so that you don't have to worry about space for /var/log. Default is not set.
  • AUTH_OFF: Disable HTTP authentication on certain network. E.g., or all.

Override settings in .rtorrent.rc:

  • IP overrides ip.
  • MAX_PEERS overrides max_peers.
  • MAX_PEERS_SEED overrides max_peers_seed.
  • MAX_UPLOADS overrides max_uploads.
  • DOWNLOAD_RATE overrides download_rate.
  • UPLOAD_RATE overrides upload_rate.


All you need is to have Docker installed on your system. Check Docker Documentation for installation guide on your OS platform.


  • docker stop can gracefully shutdown rTorrent if you give it more time by docker stop -t 120 (which means 120 seconds to time out).


Bug reports and feature suggestions are both welcome. Feel free to use the issue tracker.






Full-featured BitTorrent box runs in Docker



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