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TeleDrive lets you automatically backup ANY files to Telegram Saved Messages - this means UNLIMITED storage, as long as each file is under 2GB

Download as an AppImage

Download links:
Windows (NSIS) --- macOS (DMG)

Alternatively, for macOS, install using homebrew

brew cask install --no-quarantine khushrajrathod/teledrive/teledrive

See code signing for more info on why --no-quarantine is used


Authentication - Phone Number Authentication - Select Dir Authentication - Success Conflict

How does it work?

TeleDrive watches a folder for changes and automatically uploads any files contained within that folder to Telegram's saved messages. TeleDrive tags sub folders with their names, so when you restore your files using TeleDrive, you automatically get your folder structure back. For e.x if a TeleDrive's synced folder contains two sub folders, each containing one file:

TeleDriveSync ---- ----- Folder1 ----- MyFile1.txt
                 | ----- Folder2 ----- MyFile2.txt

Then TeleDrive will upload your files with the following tags:

  • #TeleDrive /Folder1/MyFile1.txt
  • #TeleDrive /Folder2/MyFile2.txt

This preserves your folder structure, even in a chat like Telegram's saved messages - This means that when you restore your files, you get the exact same folder structure back.

TeleDriveSync ---- ----- Folder1 ----- MyFile1.txt
                 | ----- Folder2 ----- MyFile2.txt


  • Watch a folder for changes and automatically reupload when files are changed
  • Preserve folder structure when restoring using TeleDrive
  • Uses a master file for quickly finding messages and file versioning
  • SHA256 based file versioning
  • Queue viewer for uploads
  • Built in conflict resolver
    • When there's a newer file on Saved Messages but you're trying to backup

Running from source

  1. Clone repository:
git clone
cd TeleDrive
  1. Get dependencies:
  1. Run:
yarn start

Built with:


  • TeleDrive is licensed under the GPLv3 license


TeleDrive lets you automatically backup all your files to telegram saved messages - this means FREE, UNLIMITED storage







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