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Noteworthy is a minimalist Hugo theme for writers and bloggers.

Noteworthy desktop screenshot


  • Fully responsive
  • Google Analytics and Disqus integration
  • Ko-fi donation button
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Mathematical notations with KaTex
  • About, Tags, and Archives pages
  • RSS feeds
  • Social media links
  • SCSS for styling


Navigate to the root directory of your Hugo site and clone this repository.

git clone themes/noteworthy

Refer to the Hugo docs for more information.

Image shortcode for large images

To add images using the resize-image shortcode included with this theme, you will need to create a Post Bundle. Create a folder for your post, put your Markdown file and images inside, and rename your Markdown file For example:

- image1.jpg
- image2.png

Then, you can add an image within your Markdown file by using the shortcode like this:

{{< resize-image src="image1.jpg" alt="My first image" >}}

Add captions like this:

{{< resize-image src="image2.png" alt="My second image" caption="My caption" >}}

Read more link for posts

Set showReadMore = false to true in the config file to have a "read more" link show up when posts are truncated.

Social media accounts

In the params section of the config.toml file, you can add links to your social media accounts. Simply remove the ones that you don't want to include, and their icons will disappear from the site.

# Main
email = "#"
facebook = "#"
twitter = "#"
instagram = "#"
tumblr = "#"
reddit = "#"
pinterest = "#"
youtube = "#"
vimeo = "#"
weibo = "#"
vk = "#"
linkedin = "#"

# Writing
medium = "#"
blogger = "#"
wordpress = "#"

# Creative & Visual
dribbble = "#"
behance = "#"
deviantart = "#"
flickr = "#"

# Audio & Music
soundcloud = "#"

# Programming
github = "#"
stackoverflow = "#"
gitlab = "#"
codepen = "#"

# Academic
googlescholar = "#"
impactstory = "#"
orcid = "#"

# Travel
googlemaps = "#"
tripadvisor = "#"

Disqus and Google Analytics

Add your Disqus shortname and Google Analytics identifier in the config.toml file.

# Add your Disqus shortname here.
disqusShortname = ""

# Add your Google Analytics identifier: UA-XXXXXXXX-X
googleAnalytics = ""

Ko-fi donation button

If you'd like to enable a Ko-fi button on your posts, enable it in the config file and add your identifier.

# Set enableKofi to true to enable the Ko-fi support button. Add your Ko-fi ID to link to your account.
enableKofi = true
kofi = ""


Released under the MIT License.