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We build technologies for modern cloud-native infrastructure

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  1. kube-spawn kube-spawn Public archive

    A tool for creating multi-node Kubernetes clusters on a Linux machine using kubeadm & systemd-nspawn. Brought to you by the Kinvolk team.

    Go 442 42

  2. lokomotive lokomotive Public archive

    🪦 DISCONTINUED Further Lokomotive development has been discontinued. Lokomotive is a 100% open-source, easy to use and secure Kubernetes distribution from the volks at Kinvolk

    Go 321 49

  3. traceloop traceloop Public archive

    Now moved into ``. Tracing system calls in cgroups using BPF and overwritable ring buffers

    Go 194 11

  4. service-mesh-benchmark service-mesh-benchmark Public archive

    Shell 138 35

  5. cloud-native-bpf-workshop cloud-native-bpf-workshop Public archive

    Shell 97 24

  6. go-shamir go-shamir Public

    A small CLI tool for Shamir's Secret Sharing written in Go, using Vault's Shamir implementation

    Go 42 10


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