Text Source using Pango for OBS Studio
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Text Source using Pango for OBS Studio

This plugin provides a text source for OBS Studio. The text is layed out and rendered using Pango.

Current Features

  • Text alignment
  • Text color
    • Colors for top and bottom of the text to create gradients
  • Outline
    • Configurable width of the outline
    • Configurable color of the outline
  • Drop Shadow
    • Configurable offset of the drop shadow from the text
    • Configurable color for the drop shadow
  • Vertical Text
  • Per Line gradients
  • Read from file
    • Chat log mode (Last X lines from file)
    • Reload on changes
  • Opacity

Unfixed Bugs

  • UTF-16 file support

Considering Features

  • Custom text width
    • Vertical Text Align
    • Word wrapping


You can either build the plugin as a standalone project or integrate it into the build of OBS Studio (untested).

Building it as a standalone project follows the standard cmake approach. Create a new directory and run

cmake ... <path_to_source>

for whichever build system you use (only ninja tested). You may also set the OBS_DIR environment variable to the location of the OBS source tree. Depending on the name of your obs build dir adjust PATH_SUFFIXES appropriately.

If the include cmake find modules fail to find packages on your system please submit a PR with appropriate NAMES to find them on your platform.

To integrate the plugin into the OBS Studio build put the source into the plugins/text-pango folder of OBS Studio source and add it to the plugins/CMakeLists.txt.


On Debian and its derivitaves you can install libpango1.0-dev for all the build time dependencies.


You will have to build the toolchain yourself, but it should be simplified if you have a posix shell environment such as cygwin and the visual studio build tools via https://github.com/kkartaltepe/pango-win32-build


Install pango via brew and you should be set.