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Knative developer experience, docs, reference Knative CLI implementation


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The Knative client kn is your door to the Knative world. It allows you to create Knative resources interactively from the command line or from within scripts.

kn offers you:

  • Full support for managing all features of Knative Serving (services, revisions, traffic splits)
  • Growing support for Knative eventing, closely following its development (managing of sources & triggers)
  • A plugin architecture similar to that of kubectl plugins
  • A thin client-specific API in golang which helps with tasks like synchronously waiting on Knative service write operations.
  • An easy integration of Knative into Tekton Pipelines by using kn in a Tekton Task.

This client uses the Knative Serving and Knative Eventing APIs exclusively so that it will work with any Knative installation, even those that are not Kubernetes based. It does not help with installing Knative itself though. Please refer to the various Knative installation options for how to install Knative with its prerequisites.


Refer to the user's guide to learn more. You can read about common use cases, get detailed documentation on each command, and learn how to extend the kn CLI.

Following are some useful resources for getting-started using kn CLI:

Additionally you can visit for more examples.


If you are interested in contributing, see and For a list of help wanted issues in Knative, check out CLOTRIBUTOR