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Starting from v0.4.16

Starting from this version, the display_all_text option is renamed to clear_filter_text.

Starting from v0.3.0

From this release on col_number_format and col_date_type are merged in a single col_types option defining the data type for each column. Also note the following option is no longer supported:

  • default_date_type (now replaced by locale)

Starting from v0.2.16

In this release the legacy cookie based persistence implementation has been removed, as a result the following configuration options will no longer be supported:

  • remember_grid_values
  • remember_page_number
  • remember_page_length

Unsupported options

If you previously used the HTML Table Filter Generator plugin, be aware the following configuration options are no longer supported:

  • exec_delay
  • set_cookie_duration
  • refresh_filters (now linked_filters)
  • on_keyup (now auto_filter)
  • on_keyup_delay (now auto_filter_delay)