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Aug 24, 2019
Dec 13, 2018
Jul 4, 2019

SC Controller Build Status

User-mode driver, mapper and GTK3 based GUI for Steam Controller, DS4 and similar controllers.

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot3


  • Allows to setup, configure and use Steam Controller(s) without ever launching Steam
  • Supports profiles switchable in GUI or with controller button
  • Stick, Pads and Gyroscope input
  • Haptic Feedback and in-game Rumble support
  • OSD, Menus, On-Screen Keyboard for desktop and in games.
  • Automatic profile switching based on active window.
  • Macros, button cycling, rapid fire, modeshift, mouse regions...
  • Emulates Xbox360 controller, mouse, trackball and keyboard.

Based on Standalone Steam Controller Driver by Ynsta.

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  • Ubuntu (deb-based distros): Found in openSUSE Build Service.
  • Fedora, SUSE (rpm-based distros): Found in openSUSE Build Service.
  • Arch, Manjaro (arch-based distros): Found in AUR
  • Solus: Search for sc-controller in Software Center or run sudo eopkg it sc-controller from a terminal.
  • Exherbo: Found in hardware
  • Void Linux: Run xbps-install -S sc-controller in a terminal.

Building the package by yourself



  • Download and extract latest release
  • python2 build
  • python2 install

Running with non distro-specific package

  • Download and extract latest release
  • Navigate to extracted directory and execute ./
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