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Kraken Application Skeleton

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Note: This repository contains pre-configured application skeleton for fast creation of new projects with Kraken Framework.


This repository is pre-configured, clean and empty skeleton for creating a new projects using Kraken Framework.

For more information go to framework repository or official website.

You Might Also Be Interested In

To help you getting into working with Kraken, the official repository contains additional demo applications, that you might be interested in checking out:

  • Distributed Chat App - this application implements simple, real-time chat in PHP using HTTP and WebSockets.


  • PHP-5.5, PHP-5.6 or PHP-7.0+,
  • Pthreads extension enabled (only if you want to use threading),
  • UNIX or Windows OS.

Installation and Official Documentation

To install this application skeleton, please go to desired location to store project, then call composer:

composer create-project --prefer-dist kraken-php/kraken .

Starting The Project

Basic Start

To start project, first run kraken.server instance.

$> php kraken.server

Then, check if connection is working in another terminal window:

$> php kraken server:ping

If everything works correctly, as final step, run the application using:

$> php kraken project:create

To close the project, use:

$> php kraken project:destroy

Alternative Start

While developing your application it might be useful for you to start containers alternatively, one by one. To do that, without console support, use:

$> php ./data/autorun/kraken.process undefined Main Main

WARNING This script is only useful for running your containers for debug purpose. Your application should never call them, but instead use proper built-in commands!


Documentation for the framework can be found in the official documentation page.


This library is pre-configured project application for Kraken Framework. To make contributions, please go to framework repository.


Kraken Framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license. The documentation is provided under FDL-1.3 license.