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A 3D game engine capable of parsing and running data files from the classic Sierra Studio's adventure game Gabriel Knight 3
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G-Engine is a C++ game engine that is capable of reading and using the data files from the 3D adventure game Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (GK3), developed and published by Sierra Studios in 1998.

The goal of this project is to create a cross-platform game engine that can be used to play GK3. The original game only supported Windows, and it is also a bit buggy on modern hardware. Since GK3 is a heavily data-driven game, the idea is to build a newer, more modern engine that can use the original's data files. Completely new features can also be implemented.

See my blog post introducing the project for more in-depth info!

Getting Started

Currently, the project only builds and runs in Xcode as a command line project. Simply download, open in Xcode, and build/run.

Supporting new platforms or build tools should be as easy as creating the necessary build tool files and making sure all required libraries are implemented on those platforms (see below).

GK3 Data Files

This repository does not contain the data files from the game, since those are copyrighted material. You will need to obtain a copy of GK3 (available on Steam or GOG) to get the data files.

The following data files are needed at the moment; copy them into the "Assets" folder before building/running:

  • ambient.brn
  • common.brn
  • core.brn
  • day1.brn
  • day2.brn
  • day3.brn
  • day23.brn
  • day123.brn


The engine currently uses the following libraries:

  • fmod
  • GLEW
  • minilzo
  • SDL
  • zlib

All library files are included in the repo, so no software need be installed before running the game.

Running Tests

This project uses Catch for unit tests.

The Xcode project contains a build target called GEngine-Tests. Simply build and run this target to run all defined unit tests.

Built With

  • SDL - My training wheels for cross-platform OS polling, rendering, and input
  • fmod - Made SFX and music way easier than I thought possible
  • zlib - For GK3 asset decompression
  • minilzo - Also for GK3 asset decompression


G-Engine is kind of a pet project of mine, and I'm using it primarily as a learning tool. As such, I am not actively looking for contributions.

That being said, if you are interested in contributing, shoot me an email and we can discuss!



This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 License - see the file for details.


  • Sierra On-Line, who inspired me as a kid, and still do today
  • GK3 Tools, which provided some guidance on BRN, BSP, and ACT file formats
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