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 * NaN normalization
 * INFINITY normalization
 * errno normalization
 * Completely unused duration regex

Tests using these macros should be tagged `[approvals]`
so they are not run as part of approval tests.

Also simplified regex for the test's executable filename,
and hidden some tests relying on nullptr normalization.

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Jul 22, 2020

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What's the Catch2?

Catch2 is mainly a unit testing framework for C++, but it also provides basic micro-benchmarking features, and simple BDD macros.

Catch2's main advantage is that using it is both simple and natural. Tests autoregister themselves and do not have to be named with valid identifiers, assertions look like normal C++ code, and sections provide a nice way to share set-up and tear-down code in tests.

Catch2 v3 is being developed!

You are on the devel branch, where the next major version, v3, of Catch2 is being developed. As it is a significant rework, you will find that parts of this documentation are likely still stuck on v2.

For stable (and documentation-matching) version of Catch2, go to the v2.x branch.

For migrating from the v2 releases to v3, you should look at our documentation. It provides a simple guidelines on getting started, and collects most common migration problems.

How to use it

This documentation comprises these three parts: