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New Drivers

  • Add Nokia SRLinux Support
  • Add Mikrotik File Transfer Support

Performance Improvements

  • Performance Improvements for Linux Driver
  • Improve Performance Graphs

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Better Error Messages for Incompatible Python Versions
  • Improve Huawei Driver
  • Improve Huawei VRPv8 Driver
  • Improve HPE ProCurve Driver
  • Improving Junos context stripping patterns
  • Improve MikroTik Driver
  • Fix for Extreme ERS login issues
  • Minor update to threading calls in Netmiko Tools
  • Increase save_config default timeout for Cisco-based platforms
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Performance Improvements

  • Improve performance in Junos config_mode() and check_config_mode() methods.
  • Improve performance on disconnect() method.
  • Improve slow NX-OS disconnect()
  • Improve slow Junos disconnect()

Bug Fixes and other Improvements

  • Update VyOS save_config()
  • Fix read_timeout being excessively long in case where check_config() fails
  • Fix Huawei regular expression issue
  • Fix Huawei login issue
  • Improve Juniper enter_cli_mode()
  • Fix issue with Nokia SROS MD-CLI having square bracket data being removed
  • Fix issue with 'write memory' on ubiquity edge switches
  • Fix extreme exos read-only account issue
  • Add Cisco WLC _send_command_w_yes() method
  • Fix Cisco IOS, IOS-XE, and IOS-XR abbreviating prompt in config mode
  • Fix Aruba controller paging issue
  • Fix fortigate autodetect
  • Fixing HP Procurve session_preparation issue on repeated connection

Python Version Support

  • Remove PY3.6 Support
  • Add PY3.10 Support
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Backwards incompatible and other major changes

  • Convert send_command to use read_timeout.
  • Convert send_command_timing to use read_timeout and last_read
  • Add type hints and mypy support
  • Relocate exceptions module to netmiko.exceptions (was ssh_exceptions)
  • Add read_timeout argument to send_config_set
  • Convert netmiko-tools to be an entry point and directly a part of Netmiko library
  • Creating a new internal Channel class
  • Restructure read methods
  • Implement NoEnable and NoConfig inheritance classes to standardize no-config and no-enable behavior

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Major new features

  • Add send_multiline() method
  • Add send_multiline_timing() method
  • Create new Netmiko factory function named ConnLogOnly
  • Create new Netmiko factory function named ConnUnify

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New Drivers

  • Cisco Viptela Driver
  • Dell SONiC Driver
  • Cisco S300 Telnet Driver
  • Allied Telesis AlliedWare Plus Driver
  • Zyxel Driver
  • Extreme Tierra OS Driver
  • Extreme EXOS Secure Copy Support

Minor Enhancements

  • Centralize standard no_auth code into SSHClient_noauth
  • Remove vendored Textfsm library code
  • Add a shim for cisco_xe to use cisco_ios in ntc-templates
  • WLC add method send_command_w_yes to handle show command that still prompts for pagination
  • Platforms added to SSH autodetect
  • Expand ANSI escape code stripping
  • Expand SNMP autodetect support

Bug Fixes

  • Fix read ahead issue with read methods
  • Fix ntc-templates directory structure issue
  • Aruba OS fix for hostname changes
  • Fix flexvnf enter cli and prompt issue
  • Fix path issue for pip installed ntc-templates when using PY3.9
  • Mikrotik driver improvements and fixes
  • Fixing IOS-XR confirm prompting issue during commit
  • Fix the pan-os acknowledgment banner
  • Fix Juniper ScreenOS accept issue
  • Add support for Username: for telnet login on ProCurve
  • Change ArubaOS command to disable paging
  • utf-8 encoding for session_log
  • Add bypass_commands support to send_config_set to disable cmd_verify
  • Fix disconnect() call for Dlink DS driver
  • Prevent secret from being leaked to debug log
  • Fix send_command() read issue where data spanned the deque
  • Improve set_base_prompt behavior
  • Increase the default conn_timeout to 10 seconds improve Paramiko behavior on slow connections

Performance Improvements

  • Fix IOS-XR performance issues
  • Implement Netmiko performance improvements for a large set of drivers (about half the drivers)
  • Fixing Linux very slow disconnect issue
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New Features

  • Add error_pattern argument to send_config_set() and send_config_from_file() to allow configuration to stop when pattern is detected.
  • Add run_ttp method to support more complex TTP interactions.
  • Juniper performance improvements.
  • ASA performance improvements.
  • Add telnet support to AdtranOS

New Drivers

  • Allied Telesis AlliedWare Plus
  • Brocade Fabric OS
  • Ericsson IPOS
  • Supermicro SMIS

Bug fixes/improvements

  • Fixing Palo Alto line repaint issue
  • Fixing F5 TMSH disconnect process
  • Fix IOS-XR exit_config_mode issue
  • Fixing some enable method state issues
  • Fixing SR-OS remote file size
  • Fixing issue with remote_file_size parsing failure
  • Fix ASA enable() issue in session_preparation
  • Fix Yamaha enter issue on exit enable mode
  • Fix Yamaha telnet enter issue
  • F5 TMOS driver update
  • Fix newlines on Cisco NX-OS
  • Fixes an issue with ssh _autodetect_remote_version
  • Fix tplink_jetstream to support cryptography 3.1+
  • Allowing Dell OS10 to support hyphen or space
  • Fix authentication exception handling
  • Improve ssh_autodetect so most common command happens first.
  • Fix dell_force10 autodetect
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New Drivers

  • Add Ericcson IPOS Support
  • Adtran Telnet Support

Performance Improvements

  • Juniper Performance Improvements
  • Cisco ASA Performance Improvements

Bugs and Enhancements

  • Improve Authentication Exception Handling
  • FIX Cryptography Lib Change Issue
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New Features

  • Add support for PIP installable ntc-templates
  • Add support for TTP templates

Performance Improvements

  • Cisco NX-OS Performance Improvements
  • Cisco IOS-XR Performance Improvements
  • Arista Performance Improvements

New Drivers

  • Cisco FTD Driver
  • Ubiquity EdgeRouter
  • TPLink JetStream

Bug Fixes

  • Secure Copy Progress Bar fix for get Operation
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New Drivers

  • Netgear ProSafe
  • Adtran OS

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Changed SSH terminal height in CiscoXrBase (#1876)
  • XR commit comment change (#1880)
  • Fix broken "enable" on Nokia SR-OS driver (#1870)
  • Test updates
  • Fix WLC conn_timeout issue (#1897)

Performance Improvements

  • Improve Session Preparation Behavior (#1854)
  • Significant Improvements for IOS and IOS-XE (#1902)
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New Platforms

  • 6Wind
  • Broadcom ICOS
  • Centec Networks
  • Raisecom ROAP
  • Yamaha

New Features

  • Secure Copy Progress Bar
  • Add conn_timeout argument (controls timeout of TCP connection)


  • Convert CI-CD to GitHub Actions
  • Bugfixes
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New Drivers/Platforms

  • UnifiSwitchSSH
  • Huawei OLT
  • Huawei SmartAX

Bugs and Improvements

  • Nokia SR-OS SCP Support
  • Improve terminal width behavior
  • Fix some issues related to cmd_verify
  • Expanded autodetect support
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New Platforms / Transports

  • D-Link DGS/DES
  • WatchGuard Firebox
  • Sophos SG Firewalls
  • Huawei Telnet Support

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Add cmd_verify argument to send_command
  • Add global_cmd_verify argument to ConnectHandler