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Skeleton of a side-scroller 2D game for Windows, that uses HGE. Use this to create your very own Super Mario Bros clone. All code is well commented and split into smaller pieces for easier comprehension. Best start for HGE newbies to learn something about game making.
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What's this?
This is a platform scroller (somewhat similar to Super Mario with few differences)
game skeleton to use with HGE library, which does very basic functions and leaves
lot of placeholder functions for you to code your very own side-scroller game.

How to make this work?
This thing works with either HGE clone from here
or original HGE 1.8.1 located at

This thing will require compiled HGE.DLL and HGE.LIB, or, if you go further and want
to build it from source, you will need either DirectX 8 SDK or DirectX 9 SDK from 
Microsoft website, and the source of HGE library. I (the author) was nice and put
the compiled DLL and LIB for you to try the game right out of the box, but you can
go ahead and replace them at any time.

To create solution file, run one of BAT files attached. You can also run CMake to
support some other IDE, see what it can do:
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