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Change notes for 1.9

  • Multiple API calls changed some types from char* to const char*, also blending mode is now using hgeBlendMode enum - use type cast like so: spt->SetBlendMode((hgeBlendMode)(BLEND_COLORMUL | BLEND_ALPHAADD | BLEND_NOZWRITE));
  • uint32_t color argument in many functions and classes is now a simple wrapper class hgeColor32. To give default clear/draw color, you can use hgeColor32::WHITE() and BLACK() constexpr functions or create your colors.
  • Multiple improvements to memory safety (strings and vectors where char * has a risk of overflow), modernising the source (smart pointers, etc), and type safety (replacing generic pointers and ints with structs and enums).

Support & Questions

Documentation and more info

Example game can be found here

For those times when you absolutely need help, there is the Discord channel:


DirectX8 support has ended. There will be no assistance with DirectX8 issues, DirectX8 code will be gradually removed. Please use DirectX9.


This package is configured with CMakeLists.txt for use with CMake. Once ran, CMake generates project files for one of known IDE's for Windows (as well as Linux/Unix/MacOSX but this version of HGE only builds on Windows).

  1. Edit CMakeLists.txt in root folder, set "DIRECTX_SDK_DIR" to where you have DirectX 9 SDK (see that it comes from, tagged year ~2010, size ~550 MB).
  2. Run cmake_studioNNNN.bat (NOTE: you can create own bat file if CMake supports your IDE).
  3. Project directory will be created in _build, open project file (.SLN solution file) with your IDE and click "BUILD" in your IDE.
  4. Resulting library HGE.DLL and HGE.LIB will be placed in bin directory, all intermediate libraries will be placed in /linklib. There is also HGE-STATIC library which doesn't require DLL to run, it can be found in linklib.
  5. All temporary build files will stay inside _build/. To clean intermediate files one should delete linklib, bin and _build


  1. If you got a 64bit project by mistake, add "-A Win32" to CMake command line. See example in cmake_studio2019.bat
  2. If you are going to change any build options, please keep in mind, that this is CMake generated project, editing anything inside _build folder will be overwritten next time, when you compile HGE project. If you need to add any compiler options, please edit main or each CMakeLists.txt in HGE181 and src/* folders (depending how big your changes are).
  3. if you link against HGE library, you only need to mention HGE.LIB in project settings, and have HGE.DLL in your program folder. HGEHELPERS is not needed (its linked internally).
  4. if you link against HGE-STATIC flavour of library, you don't need HGE.DLL anymore, all functionality will be included in your application. You need to mention HGEHELPERS, ZLIB and HGELIBPNG in linker settings of your project for this to work (as well as D3D8.lib D3DX8.lib or 9 if you are using DirectX9 and WINMM.lib). Consult project settings of 'hge' project regarding Linker input.


HGE 1.9 configured with CMake DirectX9 version, with shaders. The classic 1.8.1. version is in the `master` branch if you ever need that.








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