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Modmail Wiki

Welcome to the wiki page for Modmail. This wiki contains information about the project and is updated regularly. To discuss changes, please head over to our Discord server.


Here at Modmail, we're always open for contributions to the project. You can add to the core functionality of the bot by making a pull request. If you'd like to make a plugin for the bot, you can find more information on the plugin development page.

Supporting Us

You have various options to help the project. Giving this repository a star is greatly appreciated. You're also able to help people that have trouble setting up at our Discord server. You can apply by DM'ing our Modmail bot there. To help us financially, check out kyb3r's Patreon.

Patreon benefits include:

  • Premium installation, hosting and maintenance of your Modmail bot.
  • Patron role in our Discord server.
    • Access to a behind-the-scenes channel.
  • OAuth2 protection for your logs.
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