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#Bwater As water, this wordpress theme is 100% fluid-width. Bwater will look great in virtually any screen resolution or font size. Furthermore, it is responsive for small resolutions. Bwater is designed and developed following a fluid grid system and a fluid baseline rhythm. It uses pure HTML5 and CSS3, microformats included. It is as well translation ready and ready to work with a right-to-left language. You can configure it to use with a single column or with an additional right sidebar where you can put any widget. It's also possible to have a custom menu. Bwater works fine in any modern browser.

##Setup You can get Bwater, in zip format, from this URL:

To install it follow setup instructions described in wordpress site.

##Customization Bwater uses pure HTML5 and CSS3, you need to know these languages to customize it.

Bwater is designed as a fluid grid system. You can learn about it reading this article about fluid grids in A List Apart.

It also uses a baseline rhythm system. You can learn about it reading this article about fluid rhythm in A List Apart.

Bwater is 100% fluid, both horizontally and vertically. If you look at the CSS source code, you'll see this is fully commented to help customization. Everywhere you see CBW, it stands for containing block width and it is used to calculate percentage horizontal values. Where it says RFS, it stands for relevant font size and it is used to calculate em values.

##Localization Bwater already comes fully translated in three languages -english, spanish and catalan- and partially in arabic. If you need to translate it into another language you can read this tutorial in how to localize a wordpress theme. Please, if so, give us feedback to include the translation in next release.

##Right-to-left languages Bwater is already prepared to be used with right-to-left (rtl) languages. If you download wordpress in a rtl language then everything will work automatically. If instead you downloaded wordpress in a left-to-right language, be sure to update your language configuration in wp-config.php and to copy the language file located in wp-content/language in the rtl language wordpress package (for example, wp-content/language/ar.php) in your wordpress setup.


100% fluid-grid and fluid-baseline responsive wordpress theme written in HTML5 and CSS3. Translation ready and prepared to work with right-to-left languages.



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