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lanej fix(git): fzf preview right on file add
Need to pull this into a function and detect window height/width
Latest commit 64245a6 Apr 18, 2019
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ack vim augroups, go config Oct 28, 2015
bash chore: move alias to expected spot Apr 15, 2019
bin fix(bundle): bundle-exec-hack references bundle-hack Mar 7, 2019
bspwm feat(bsp): super shift return for browser Mar 9, 2019
chunk feat(chunk): cmd shift ret for browser launch Mar 25, 2019
etc/bash_completion.d link ~/etc and ~/bin. set rvm_project_rvmrc. bundle-hack Oct 19, 2011
fish ugh just take it Jul 6, 2018
font add monofur Sep 18, 2011
git fix(git): fzf preview right on file add Apr 18, 2019
i3 remove Aug 16, 2018
iterm save iterm configuration Nov 12, 2015
kitty feat(kitty): double underline for urls for more emphasis Mar 9, 2019
mac vim tweaks, screwing around with solarized May 29, 2011
nvim feat(nvim): set markdown for qutebrowser edits Apr 18, 2019
oni refactor(oni): use Hack Nerd Font Oct 6, 2018
polybar fix(polybar): remove bspwm occupied foreground color for clarity Apr 13, 2019
qute feat(qute): ,e to open field in editor Apr 3, 2019
rc fix(xscreensaver): set splashDuration to 0 Mar 4, 2019
ruby ugh just take it Jul 6, 2018
sh fix(z): use reverse with limited height Apr 18, 2019
util Makefile tweak, screenrc fiddling and add iterm pastel script. Sep 7, 2010
vim fix(vim): upgrade vim-plug Apr 15, 2019
wallpaper [i3] gaps config with feh wallpaper Jun 30, 2018
zsh refactor(zsh): pull fzf settings out of zshrc Apr 15, 2019
.gitignore refactor(vim): session support and additional trimming Oct 6, 2018
Makefile fix(bspwm): need ~/.xsession to be present Apr 18, 2019
iterm2.colors fix(item2): tender blue bold Sep 10, 2018
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