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bunken (文献)

A chrome extension to download ebooks directly from Goodreads. Fetches ebooks from LibGen, LibGen Fiction, Memory Of The World & OpenLibrary.

⚠️ Users are advised to exercise caution and use this Chrome extension at their own risk, as I disclaim any liability for the outcomes or actions resulting from its utilization.

How to install

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Open chrome extensions panel by visiting chrome://extensions.
  3. Turn developer mode on.
  4. Click on Load Unpacked.
  5. Select the folder containing the repository with the root directory.
  6. Visit any books' page on Goodreads. The ebooks should load under Related Books section.
  7. Choose different sources according to your needs.

How to contribute

Help contribute by using it, finding bugs and opening issues. Pull requests are also appreciated!

API repository available at laxyapahuja/bunken-api.