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highlight configure options for backward compatibility

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@@ -8,3 +8,21 @@ Then to install, type
If you don't want the files installed to /usr/local/bin, then you can
specify --prefix=/usr or some other dir as a parameter to configure.
+* Useful options to configure:
+These options may be used to restore behaviour that was built into older
+versions of DVDAuthor.
+ --enable-default-video-format=NTSC
+ --enable-default-video-format=PAL
+Without one of these, there is no hard-coded default video format.
+(Of course, a user- or system-specified default always takes precedence
+if present.)
+ --enable-localize-filenames
+Specify this if you want filenames to be interpreted according to your
+locale setting. Without this, filenames are assumed to be in UTF-8

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