Report Bugs by Creating Issues

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If you encounter a bug while testing or using KA Lite, we'd love it if you could report it to us! In GitHub, bugs can be reported through the "Issue" feature.

You can create a new issue by signing in to GitHub, visiting our issues page and clicking the green "New Issue" button. Below, we've explained how to create a really great bug report, which will help our team of open source developers get a fix in as quickly as possible!

Issue format:

Issue title: 1-sentence description of the issue or bug that you've found

Issue Body:

  • Branch: which branch you saw the issue on (if you aren't sure what a branch is, you're probably on the 'master' branch
  • Expected Behavior: 1-2 sentence description of what you expected to happen
  • Current Behavior: 1-2 sentence description of what actually happened
  • Steps to reproduce: steps a developer can take to reproduce the bug
  • Screenshot(s): please include screenshots of the bug and/or error screens, if possible

Example of a good issue

Issue title: Deleting a facility from the "overview" page shows a JSON page in the browser.

Issue Body:

  • Branch: develop
  • Expected Behavior: When clicking the "delete" button on the facility, the facility would be deleted and the "overview" page would be reloaded.
  • Current Behavior: The facility is deleted, but the "overview" page no longer shows--a JSON blob is shown (see screen shot below).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in as the administrator.
  2. Create a new facility
  3. Click the "overview" navbar link.
  4. Next to the facility, click on the "delete" icon.


Example of a bad issue

Issue title: Deleting a facility doesn't work.

Issue Body: I clicked the delete link but I just saw JSON.

Can't create a GitHub account

If you aren't able to create a GitHub account, please feel free to email our dev team a bug report. Please format your report as instructed above, and email the report to support [at] and we will create the issue for you as long as it's correctly formatted!