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a fork of for use in jekyll builds with markdown page updates


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updated website

This repo is built on a fork of Jekyll Now from this repository. Jekyll is a static site generator that's perfect for GitHub hosted blogs (Jekyll Repository)

The website design is just a modification of Jon Barron's website and is converted for my own use, re-purposing my old markdown posts. Feel free to use template for your own purposes, but please respect copyright for all the images/content in my images, pdfs, _posts folders.


  • In general, jekyll will try to build a full page for every post. I skip that by forcing permalink: /. This creates multiple entries in sitemap.xml for index.html but is otherwise fine.
  • If you want multiple paragraphs, consider using excerpt_separator: <!--more--> in _config.yml, for my own use I didn't need this.
  • My own posts have lots of extra stuff left over from my old jekyll design ("author", long descriptions, etc.), feel free to ignore them
  • I use thumbnails, so I can upload arbitrary sized images but then only display small ones. The script generates them and the html template looks in tn/ for all images.
  • I have three categories of post with slightly differerent formatting, so changing sizing requires edits in multiple paces.