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⛔️ DEPRECATED: interface-peer-discovery is now included in libp2p-interfaces


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A test suite and interface you can use to implement a Peer Discovery module for libp2p.

The primary goal of this module is to enable developers to pick and/or swap their Peer Discovery modules as they see fit for their application, without having to go through shims or compatibility issues. This module and test suite was heavily inspired by abstract-blob-store.

Publishing a test suite as a module lets multiple modules all ensure compatibility since they use the same test suite.

The API is presented with both Node.js and Go primitives, however, there is not actual limitations for it to be extended for any other language, pushing forward the cross compatibility and interop through diferent stacks.

Lead Maintainer

Vasco Santos.

Modules that implement the interface

Send a PR to add a new one if you happen to find or write one.


Include this badge in your readme if you make a new module that uses interface-peer-discovery API.



Install interface-discovery as one of the dependencies of your project and as a test file. Then, using mocha (for JavaScript) or a test runner with compatible API, do:

const test = require('interface-discovery')

const common = {
  setup () {
    return YourDiscovery
  teardown () {
    // Clean up any resources created by setup()

// use all of the test suits


A valid (read: that follows this abstraction) Peer Discovery module must implement the following API:

start the service

  • await discovery.start()

Start the discovery service.

It returns a Promise

stop the service

  • await discovery.stop()

Stop the discovery service.

It returns a Promise

discoverying peers

  • discovery.on('peer', (peerInfo) => {})

Everytime a peer is discovered by a discovery service, it emmits a peer event with the discover peer's PeerInfo.