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@@ -18,19 +18,6 @@ process:

(You may need to create the subdirs of /usr/local manually.)

To use the library once it's built, you need to use the "Carbon
framework", which is the port of the old Mac Toolbox to OS X.
To do this, use the -F and -framework arguments for compiling
and linking, respectively:

cc -c myprog.c -I/usr/local/include/SDL -F/System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework
cc myprog.o -L/usr/local/lib -lSDL -framework Carbon

sdl-config knows about the linking path and -framework, so it's
recommended to use it to fill in your Makefile variables.

To use the library once it's built, you essential have two possibilities:
use the traditional autoconf/automake/make method, or use Apple's Project Builder.

@@ -65,19 +52,21 @@ will want to do the other steps, too.

3) Add something like the following rule to your EXE_NAME
mkdir -p $@/Contents/MacOS
mkdir -p $@/Contents/Resources
mkdir -p $@/Contents/Resources/SDL_main.nib
echo "APPL????" > $@/Contents/PkgInfo
$(INSTALL_DATA) Info.plist $@/Contents/
$(INSTALL_DATA) SDL_main.nib/*.nib $@/Contents/Resources/
$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) $< $@/Contents/MacOS/
bundle_contents =
mkdir -p $(bundle_contents)/MacOS
mkdir -p $(bundle_contents)/Resources
mkdir -p $(bundle_contents)/Resources/SDL_main.nib
echo "APPL????" > $(bundle_contents)/PkgInfo
$(INSTALL_DATA) Info.plist $(bundle_contents)/
$(INSTALL_DATA) SDL_main.nib/*.nib $(bundle_contents)/Resources/SDLMain.nib
$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) $< $(bundle_contents)/MacOS/

You should replace EXE_NAME with the name of the executable. APP_NAME is what
will be visible to the user in the Finder. Usually it will be the same
as EXE_NAME but capitalized. E.g. if EXE_NAME is "testgame" then APP_NAME
usually is "TestGame"
usually is "TestGame". You might also want to use @PACKAGE@ to use the package
name as specified in your file.

If your project builds more than one application, you will have to do a bit more.
For each of your target applications, you need a seperate rule. Furthermore, each
@@ -92,12 +81,13 @@ EXE_NAME
4) If you want the create bundles to be installed, you may want to add this
rule to your

mkdir -p /Applications/
cp -r $< /Applications/
install-exec-hook: APP_NAME_bundle
rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/Applications/
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/Applications/
cp -r $< /$(DESTDIR)$(prefix)Applications/

This rule takes the Bundle created by the rule from step 3 and installs them
into /Applications/. An alternate installation place would be $HOME/Applications/
into $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/Applications/.

Again, if you want to install multiple applications, you will have to augment
the make rule accordingly.

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