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the SSH library
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cmake CMake build system.
docs Document crypto library interface
example Update examples/scp.c to fix bug where large files on win32 would cau…
include include/libssh2.h: next version is 1.7.0
m4 Ignore and stamp-h2 in example/ and remove .cvsig…
nw add libssh2_scp_recv2 to support large (> 2GB) files on windows
os400 os400: fix an ILE/RPG prototype
src sftp: re-indented some minor stuff
tests cmake: include CMake files in the release tarballs
vms VMS specific: make sure final release can be installed over daily build
win32 GNUmakefile: up OpenSSL version
.gitattribute Ensure that win32/libssh2.dsp will be generated with CRLF line endings
.gitignore .gitignore: don't ignore INSTALL
.travis.yml Add continuous integration configurations.
CMakeLists.txt CMake build system.
COPYING COPYING: bump the copyright year Move automake conditionals added by commit d512b25 out of Added Windows Cryptography API: Next Generation based backend os400: implement character encoding conversion support Move automake conditionals added by commit d512b25 out of Move automake conditionals added by commit d512b25 out of Add interface for OS/400 crypto library QC3
NEWS NEWS: auto-generated from git
NMakefile NMake build: added support for WinCNG build.
README CMake build system.
RELEASE-NOTES RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 996b04e
acinclude.m4 Fix shell usage.
appveyor.yml Add continuous integration configurations.
buildconf Make it portable; test uses = for string comparison (not ==). Indent.
config.rpath Revert "config.rpath: generated file, no need to keep in git" configure: build "silent" if possible
get_ver.awk Added copyright define to libssh2.h and use it for binary builds. NEWS: auto-generated from git
libssh2-style.el helper script for emacs users to get the code style done libssh2-style fix the output of pkg-config --libs
maketgz maketgz: use by the correct name


libssh2 - SSH2 library

libssh2 is a library implementing the SSH2 protocol, available under
the revised BSD license.

Web site:

Mailing list:

License: see COPYING

Source code:

Web site source code:

Installation instructions are in:
 - docs/INSTALL_CMAKE for CMake
 - docs/INSTALL_AUTOTOOLS for Autotools
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