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FFXIV TexTools 2 by Liinko

This is a more feature rich WPF implementation of FFXIV TexTools and replaced FFXIV TexTools.

Current Version:


For previous ChangeLogs visit http://ffxivtextools.dualwield.net/change_log.html


  • Guest update by Sel [https://github.com/Lunaretic]
  • Skin Specular maps are now editable again for non-Au Ra races, and are viewable again in the ModList view.
    • The shared skin_m texture is now always referred to as a 'specular', to match the Au Ra version.
  • Added Search Bar to Make Modpack Menu
    • Search supports Wildcards via Asterisk(*), and 'Or' via Pipes(|)
  • Search for Model menu is now resize-able.
  • UI now defaults focus to search bars in menus where they are available.
  • Added Human Readable Error Messages for common start-up errors.
  • Broken TexTools config files will now be automatically reset.
  • XIV Mod Archive added to Repos menu.
  • Added Icon ID Search Menu
  • Added Export Settings Menu
  • Version Number updated to


  • Left Rings are now able to be viewed/modified.
  • Vertex Color is now imported/exported correctly.
  • Vertex Alpha is now imported/exported correctly.
    • As a work-around due to inconsistency with DAE parsers/exporters, Vertex Alpha is stored in the X(U) channel of UV3.
  • UV, Vertex Color, and Vertex Alpha data are now dummied up with default values, in the event that it does not exist in the incoming DAE file.
  • 3D Meshes now support multiple UV Coordinates and Normals per-Vertex.
    • As a byproduct to this, the Model Import process may slow down significantly when dealing with extremely large mesh groups (50k+ Faces). (Ex. 78,000 Face mesh group took 65 seconds to import)
  • For Gear and Character Models, UV1 Data is now automatically moved to the UV[1,-1] quadrant, if it is not already in that quadrant.
  • BiNormal/Tangent data is no longer required in the DAE file, since TT recalculates them anyways.
  • Added error message for mesh groups exceeding maximum size.
  • Added status message display after importing/enabling/disabling a model.


  • Fixed a bug with Modpack Import that would cause it to break if the uncompressed modpack size was greater than ~4GB.
  • Fixed a bug with importing that would allow DAT files to exceed the appropriate size.
  • Fixed a bug with Model Importing that would cause model indices to be thrown off if there was extraneous unused UV/Normal/Vertex Color/etc. data.
  • Fixed a bug with DAE imports that would cause a crash if the meshes had extra data channels in them (ex. extra UV channels).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the 3D Model display to revert back to the default item after using import/enable/disable.
  • Autodesk Collada exported DAE files can now be imported.

Known Issues:

  • Skeleton files may need updating for some newer items. (Ex. Some Hairstyles and Bonewicca pieces)