This repository provides a javascript lib to make requests against a JMAP server.
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This repository provides a JavaScript library to make requests against a JMAP server. It is a client-side implementation of the JMAP specification. It is developed using ES6 and transpiled to ES5 code using babel.js.

Non-exhaustive list of features:

  • Entities are modeled as JavaScript classes.
  • Expose a Client class that you can use to send JMAP requests, using a fluent API.
  • Uses Promises exclusively, and allows for pluggable Promise implementation.
  • Allows for pluggable transports, with default support for node.js request and jQuery in the browser.



The library is provided as a NPM or Bower packages, thus to install either use:

npm install jmap-client


bower install jmap-client

depending on your preferred package manager.


The library is very easy to use, all you need to do is create an instance of the Client class, then use its fluent API to send some JMAP requests:

new jmap.Client(<your Transport>, <your PromiseProvider>)
    .then((mailboxes) => {
        // Do something with the list of mailboxes
    }, (err) => {
        // An error occured

Once you're familiar with the library, head on to the API documentation to find out what's possible...
There's also some code samples included in the samples folder.

How to contribute

1. Clone the repository

git clone
cd jmap-client

2. Install dependencies

npm install

3. Compile the library and run the tests


4. Code, execute tests then pull request !

More detailled instructions can be found in the contributing section.


If you are a maintainer of this project, here's how you can release a new version:

  1. Checkout the master branch and pull the latest changes from the remote repository
  2. Run grunt release to do the release. A lot of things will happen but you'll eventually be back on the master branch
  3. Bump the version in master to NEXT_VERSION-dev (replace NEXT_VERSION by the supposed next version)


  • Implement complete error handling.
  • Add support for message attachments.
  • Support entities states, and then getXXXUpdates requests.
  • ...