LRT Audio-Modules for VCVRack
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Lindenberg Research Tec. - VCV Rack modules

LRT Rack modules is a collection of modules made for VCV Rack virtual modular system.

Copyright (C) 2017-2018 by Lindenberg Research / Patrick Lindenberg


1. Installation

You can obtain the latest release via the VCV Rack package manager, or download and install it manually:

Just download for you architecture and unzip in your Rack folder located in your documents.

2. Build from source


You have to install a C++ environment including a compiler and other commandline tools. For further information about this, check the documentation found here: VCV Rack GIT

The current master has been migrated to 0.6.0dev! So you have to install the correct version of Rack in order to get it running. I suggest to fetch a clean 0.6.xx version of Rack via git and build all from scratch.

You can build the latest release from source, to do so use the following steps:

Clone git to local machine (into Rack/plugins):

    git clone

After that you should have the latest sources. If you want to build some release, you HAVE to switch to the corresponding TAG! For every released version a TAG exists, be aware that if you check out the current master it could be possible that it contains errors or unfinished modules... it is a current workstate!

To view all tags use:

    git tag

To checkout to a specific tag simply use:

    git checkout <TAG>

Build from sources:

    make dist

If the release could be successfully compiled you can find a zipped file under:


Where xx.xx.xx is filled with the version of the release and with the system you are on (win/mac/lin).

3. Bugs, requests and other issues

Bug reports, change requests, genius ideas and other stuff goes here: ISSUES Thanks to all people who helped to improve the modules and created releases for other architectures in the past! :)