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LINZ Bulk Data Extract Uploader

linz_bde_uploader is a programme for loading LINZ BDE files into a PostgreSQL database. linz_bde_uploader has the ability to load full and incremental table Landonline BDE loads, as well as manage versioning information.

Refer to LINZ::Bde documentation for further information about LINZ BDE files and repository format.



Tested on Ubuntu 14.04


Use the Debian packaging within the debian/ directory to install this software on Ubuntu.

Manual install

The main components to install are the perl packages, PostgreSQL database setup and config script and the actual linz_bde_uploader programme and configuration. The build install process handles this, however setup of the PostgreSQL user account, database, logging directory and configuration setup need to be done as manual task afterward.

Simple install

perl Build.PL
./Build install

Advanced install options

The build system is using Perl Module::Build. A full list of the building options are available run:

./Build help

A more complex example involving specific install directories could something like:

perl Build.PL --prefix=/usr
./Build install


perl Build.PL \
    --prefix=/usr \
    --install_path conf=/my/conf/dir \
    --install_path sql=/my/sql/dir

setup under UNIX

Database preparation

For a database to be usable as the target of a linz_bde_uploader run, it needs to be prepared in multiple steps.

First step is creating the BDE schema. This can be done following the instructions in linz-bde-schema. The BDE schema creation scripts will take care of ensuring required cluster-global roles exist and database-local objects (schemas, tables, extensions, functions etc) are loaded.

As the table_version extension is an optional component for the BDE schema, if you haven't already installed it you'll need to do it as the second step:


Third step is executing the installed linz-bde-uploader SQL support files with something like the following:

for file in /usr/share/linz-bde-uploader/sql/*.sql
    do psql $DB_NAME -f $file -v ON_ERROR_STOP=1

User setup

Lastly the linz_bde_uploader software should be run under a UNIX account that also has PostgreSQL bde_dba database access. It is best to first create a system user account as well so ident authentication can be used.

adduser --system --gecos "BDE Maintainer" bde

The bde PostgreSQL user account needs to have bde_dba rights, but does not need to have superuser rights by default. An example SQL create user script could look like:

DO $$
    IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM pg_roles where rolname = 'bde') THEN
        ALTER ROLE bde SET search_path=bde, bde_control, lds, public;
        GRANT bde_dba TO bde;
    END IF;

Logging setup

Creating a standard system log directory in /var/log would be a good idea:

sudo mkdir -p $BDE_LOG_DIR
sudo chown -R $BDE_USER:adm $BDE_LOG_DIR;
sudo chmod 0755 $BDE_LOG_DIR;

linz_bde_uploader Configuration

All parameters to setup and running of linz_bde_uploader can be found within the template conf file in conf/linz_bde_uploader.conf. Another important file is tables.conf which lists the BDE tables and their associated loading parameters. On Ubuntu using the debian packaging these files are installed into /etc/linz-bde-uploader/

Note: You can create .conf.test configuration file (e.g linz_bde_uploader.conf.test) which can override any of the parameters in the main config file. This can be used as a convenient way to set parameters without having to change the installed default config

Key parameters to change in the linz_bde_uploader.conf config are:

  • db_connection: The PostgreSQL connection string for setting the database connection string. e.g dbname=linz_db

  • db_error_level: The PostgreSQL error level, can be 0 for TERSE, 1 for DEFAULT (the default value), 2 for VERBOSE. See

  • bde_repository: Set the path to the directory of BDE unload files. This directory should have a level_0 and level_5 subdirectory with child folders in each with the naming convention of YYYYMMDDhhmmss for each dataset

  • tmp_base_dir: This temp processing directory for uncompressing and pre-processing BDE datafile. This directory should have at 15GB of free space for large production tables such as crs_adj_obs_change. Defaults to /tmp

  • include_tables: A list of table to load for the run. These table must exist in the in the file as defined by bde_tables_config (tables.conf by default)

  • log4perl.logger: Setting the loggers to use. By default the ErrorEmail and Email loggers are on. If you don't want to use a email reporting then remove these loggers.

  • smtpserver and smtpsender: The mail host and sender email address to send completion or error reports to if email logging is enabled.

  • log_email_address: The email address that the mail server will send the completion or error reports to. multiple emails can be listing with a "," separator.

Running linz_bde_uploader

A simple example to upload latest available full set of bde files into the database:

linz_bde_uploader -full -verbose -config-path /etc/linz-bde-uploader/linz_bde_uploader.conf -listing /var/log/linz-bde-uploader/linz_bde_uploader.log

There is also the wrapper shell script run_bde_upload that runs linz_bde_uploader with the config and log directory already defined:

run_bde_upload -full -verbose

Normal run

The normal mode to run the software is to load any available level 0 or 5 dataset files available. This can be done via:

run_bde_upload -full-incremental -incremental

Note: In this mode the -full-incremental option is used rather than the -full options which updates the current dataset instead of a full replace.


For more help about options for running linz_bde_uploader can be made available through the following command:

linz_bde_uploader -help


Copyright 2016 Crown copyright (c) Land Information New Zealand and the New Zealand Government.

This project is under 3-clause BSD License, except where otherwise specified. See the LICENSE file for more details.