This update is nessesary for all, nodes/pool/user's Core Wallet.

This update make switch from neoscrypt to yescryptR32 at block 95531.

How to update ?

Bakup somewhere wallet.dat for security reason ( simple copy paste somewhere when wallet is offline)

And reinstall wallet, if it ask rebuild block chain ? click yes.

Then it's be updated.

From this update you can start mining solo by using

Example of option's


rpcthreads=8 ( not nessesary, use if miner diconnect after some time )
rpcworkqueue=4096 ( not nessesary, use if miner diconnect after some time, try from more litle value)

Miner option's

cpuminer-avx.exe -a yescryptr32 -o -u user -p password -t "thread's of cpu" --coinbase-addr="wallet address"

Or you can up this simple instaling pool and configurate LBTC how YescryptR32 and mine at them.

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This release is for a change of algo from scrypt to neoscrypt.

Last block to be mined with scrypt is 68000.

First fork block is 68001 - it must be mined with neoscrypt algo.

After fork chain / from block 68001 reward will be 125 coin per block.

This is necessary update for all, user's, exchangers and pool's. Old wallet will be unsupported with LBTC team after fork which will happen on block 68001.

This updated created with community proposion's for return decentralization and to support GPU mining.

always backup your wallet.dat file before update !!!

Any problem's write to support, and if you in case any questions, contact us at our telegram channel

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@litebitcoins litebitcoins released this Aug 11, 2017 · 49 commits to master since this release

Release notes:-

This is a new minor version release, including various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.

  1. Fully update to latest available sources from LTC
  2. Fixed high difficulty problem at block 3339 and reset to 1
  3. Added new re-target algorithm from Dash named DarkGravityWave.
  4. To activate new re-target configuration, changed Reward at block 3339 from 10 to 256 and the reward will be 500 from the block 3389.
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